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Publisher of Latino/Hispanic Books and E-Books

Floricanto Press, a premier publisher of Latino Books, focuses on Latino/Hispanic people and trends. Its publishing programs examine a broad spectrum of social, cultural, political, and economic issues impinging upon our pluralistic communities as well as the societal structures at large affecting them. Our press publishes Latino books and specifically seeks writings articulating an analytical discourse on issues which include a Latino perspective. Floricanto Press publishes Latino books and e-books of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Literature, History and Social sciences, Women--by and about--Latino LGBT, Sephardic literature and history, Psychology, Linguistics, and Biographies, both individual and collective; and Latino children's books.

Floricanto is interested in all creative, scholarly, and social science Latino books and writings by and about Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and Latin Americans, Central Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Spanish writings impinging upon Ibero Americans. We also are interested in Peninsular Spanish books and writings as it pertains to the Americas and Sephardic themes and writers, biographical works profiling Latino individuals, featuring Latino communities, and locales.


Floricanto Press publishes between 30 to 40 Latino book titles a year. Our Latino book publication program include titles on Poetry, Fiction, Non Fiction, Biograhies, Linguistics, Short stories, Essays, Immigration and citizenship, Memoirs, History, Latinas, and social science discourse. Our Latino book authors are professional writers who are committed to the furthering of the Latino culture, be through creative writings or non-fiction titles enhancing the understanding of Latinos. Our authors come from various professional commmunities and academic settings. We seek quality in the intellectual and editorial content of our publications. We make sure that the text meets high standards. No book shall be sold before its time.

Poetry titlesFloricanto Press's titles focus on Latino/Hispanic multidisciplinary subjects. Titles These include Theatre, Literature, both novels and short stories, Poetry; Non-Fiction, such as Literary criticism, Biographies, Social Science discourse, Linguistics, Folklore, Political analysis, History, Cinco de Mayo, LGBT, Women, prose and essays, children's literature. and Sphardic literature and biograhy.

We also note two outstanding lyric collections by two poetresses, "The Ones Santa Anna Sold," by Raquel Valle-Sentíes; and "Encounter Between Cuentos and Versos," by Irene pérez.

Floricanto Press publishes approximately 12 to 15 titles annuallyNew titles on diverse subjects, Fiction, Non-Fiction, biographies, plays and many others. New Titles

This year among the new releases are several fictional work on social life and customs, such as "a Most Memorable Quinceañera," by Leslie Concepción; "a Century of Pachangas," by Betty Serra; and "Island of Dreams, by Jasminne Méndez.Doris Mercado’s memoir "The Armor of Love and Hope" a heart-felt narrative of perseverance, reconciliation, poverty and homelessness in Massachusetts with poetry.

Our literature-- novels, short stories, plays, and literary criticism--consist of a solid corpus of creative writings with unique Latino cultural themes and backgrounds and that are driven by protagonists emerging from a truly Hispanic experience and culture. Our novels are set in Hispanic villages and urban barrios of America, and Latin America, and Sephardic milieu. Our literary criticism focuses on Classic and contemporary Latino and Hispanic American literature. It also includes Young Adult and children's titles. It focuses on Latino themes of celebrations, social life and customs and historical events and/or characters. Our plays bring up contemporary issues of cultural conflict, sexual orientation and passage. Our short stories bring up universal themes of love and conflict, spiced some with issues of sexual identity.

Our Children's and Young Adult literature has began with a historical fiction and contemporary stories written in English and Spanish bilingual parallel text, or solely in Spanish or English. Children's Books The themes are oriented for young readers and teenagers, such as teenage celebrations like Quinceañeras. Among our Forthcoming titles we have several illustrated children's titles from 3rd to 5th grade levels. It is a high priority for Floricanto to foster and develop Children's literature with Latino themes and characters through a strong book and e-book collection.





Desert: An Anthology of Short Stories. By Everardo Torrez. ISBN: 978-1-951088-06-4 $18.95.


Hispanic Fiction book, Mexican American Fiction book, Latino literature book, Hispanic literature book, Mexican American literature book, Latino Fiction social conditions book, Mexican American social conditions Short story book


The volatile tensions between rival Mexican-American families, a boy’s maternal love clouded by thoughts of revenge, a prostitute’s desire to love, a teenage farm worker yearning to belong in a world as tenuous as a dream.  These are among the pitfalls with which the characters in Desert joust. A mosaic of nine short stories, Desert explores the lives of Mexican immigrants inhabiting the farms of South-Central Idaho during the 1980’s and early 1990’s via  a chorus of historically marginalized voices calling out their hopes, fears, pain, and triumphs.  It is an evolution of reconciliation and survival, the fleeting innocence of adolescence, and the disillusionment of adulthood.  Desert lends a visceral perspective to the struggles of Mexican immigrants in rural America.  Layered with stirring characters and surreal mindscapes, this short-story collection is a sojourn into a labyrinth of human emotions often ignored or forgotten.

EVERARDO TORREZ was born in Michoacán, Mexico in 1972 and grew up on a sugar-beet farm in Kimama, Idaho. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California in 1996. Winner of the Grand Prize, University of Alaska Fairbanks Press Fiction Contest in 1997 and Honorable Mention in the Edward Moses Fiction Contest at the University of Southern California, Torrez has written and published several short stories that focus on the cultural polarization and synthesis that defines the Mexican-American experience. His work has appeared in anthologies such as Cold-dril and Fugue Magazine.  His 2003 novel, Narco, won Best Adventure Novel at the 2004 Latino Literary Festival.  Torrez lives in Boise, ID where he, in addition to writing, runs an interpretation and translation business.  He is the father of Ivan, Isabel-Sofia, and Emilio.








Reconstructing a Brown Identity. By Philip Labrado. ISBN: 978-1-951088-05-7 $23.95 332 pgs. 6"x9"


Latino essay Race relations Barrio Social Life and Customs, Chicano essay Race relations Barrio Social Life, Hispanic essay Race relations, Hispanic Non fiction, Latino Non fiction, Mexican American Non-iction, Chicano Non fiction



Beyond serving as a mere handbook through which the reader can pursue decolonization, this work illustrates the indivisibility of an indigenous heritage that transcends borders, lingual impositions and the artificiality of nationalism. this literary masterpiece also celebrates original cultural traits that we have somehow managed to conserve in the core of our confounded identity. All in all self-hate mentalities shall be seen for what they are under the scrutiny of the proud descendant of mighty peoples seeking to emerge from within us all. A renewed sense of appreciation for the indigenous aspect of our heritage shall herald a brand new era of indigenous liberation!

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Gashes! Poems and pain from the halls of injustice. By Tezozomoc. ISBN:13: 978-1497473300 . $13.956" x 9" 134 pages

“This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

These poems are powerfully abrupt, contentious, and real, emerging from a barrio genuineness. They express the universal agony of injustice and disappointment. They reveal a world that is cruelly unique and well-known in big city barrios: police brutality, poverty, hopelessness, and yearning for acceptance and equality. LatinoBooks.Net
The most valuable poets are those who “speak truth to power” because they are able to serve as the “theorists” of grassroots social movements. Their aim is not to describe the nature of injustice but to challenge oppressive regimes by celebrating the creativity and inventiveness of the people in struggles. They are word warriors whose work can help us remake a ravaged world where the value of everything is set by market price and in doing so move toward the many worlds comprised of freely associated beings who are grounded in autonomous Indigenous spaces. This book of 35 poems by food sovereignty activist and xicanx philosopher, Tezozomoc, opens with a poem (“They Beat Us”) that ends with these lines:

you keep beating me for being brown
for wanting democracy for competing
for asking you to accept me!

Tezozomoc is a Los Angeles Chicano Poet and 2009 Oscar Nominated Activist and has been published in various journals.

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Manuel Luis Martínez. Day of the Dead/ Día de los Muertos. ISBN 978-1-888205-19-0. $18.95.

This is the most riveting and complex narrative of the Mexican Revolution. "I am Berto Morales. I am the false son of a nameless and blind man. I am War. I took his land through a pretense. I am Pestilence. When his heir returned to claim his birthright, I killed him. I am Murder. His comrades returned to find me, and failing to do so, took the life of my wife and child. I was Love. I determined to meet injustice with injustice. I am Hatred. I brought war to those who ended my life. I am Executioner. I am guilty of sins that have no name. I have come to the slaughter uninvited and have determined to give my life freely." And so begins the saga of Berto Morales set during the Mexican Revolution, the landscape of Day of the Dead is littered with the victims of a brutal war, one populated by a cast of villains, saints, heroes, and ordinary people whose roles are often impossible to reconcile. It is 1913 when Berto returns to his small Oaxacan ranch to find that his beloved wife, six months with child, has been brutally murdered. Devastated, he sets out to find the murderers and exact revenge, but what he will find on this journey is that justice is elusive, much more so than vengeance. Tracking the murderer, the elusive Barbon to Mexico City, Berto meets the idealistic Isabella, herself a victim of the brutality of war. She has decided to enter the fray to honor the memory of her dead husband and their shared vision of a just and democratic Mexico. In the midst of his vendetta, Berto must decide whether to follow in the path of avenging his cruel losses, or to offer himself to Isabella and her child Victoriana as a guide and protector. Plunging headlong into this maelstrom of violence and tragedy, Berto Morales will confront a fate that holds out the possibility of an unlikely redemption—and perhaps a new life—while threatening a judgment too terrible to withstand.

"Martínez continues his fine writing on Day of the Dead, and offers further proof of the wide range of Chicano literature. The reader will acknowledge that our ties to tradition serve as a most appropriate title on this tightly-written work ." Rolando Hinojosa


My PhD in English is from Stanford University.  My Masters in Creative Writing is from Ohio State.  My BA in History and English is from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, my hometown. Most recently, I was named the Dobie Paisano Writing Fellow by the Texas Institute of Letters.  I’m spending four months as the sole occupant of the Dobie Paisano Ranch, a 250-acre hill country retreat where all I do is write and enjoy the scenic views.

My work is dedicated to bringing the voices of the rarely-heard, out into the public sphere.  My stories come from my past, the westside barrio of my youth, the tales my abuelitos and abuelitas told about their migrant lives, the music my father played, the faith of my mother. They’re stories of flawed and damaged people looking to do more than survive.




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Texas Town Legends. By Olga Muñoz Rodríquez. ISBN: 978-1-951088-07-1 $24.95 Advanced copies on sale for $19.95 for a limited time. This book is published jointly by Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

Hispanic Texan biography book, Latino Texan History book, Mejicano Texan American History book, Mejicano Texan American soldiers World War II History book, Mejicano Texan town Uvalde soldiers World War II History book, Hispanic Non-Fiction book, Latino Non-Fiction book

This a historiographic narration the stories of the mejicano tejano heroes of Uvalde, a small Texas town, before and after the World War II, their contributions to the war effort, and the generations following them. Upon their return from the front, the small-town soldiers and heroes armed now with a new perspective returned as catalyst of change, ready to engage, and transform the social, racial, and economic dynamics for mejicanos in Uvalde, Texas town they left. The author examines and describes how life changed when the men who valiantly heeded the call to arms came back home. The men fought the mighty German army in Europe at the Battle of Salerno, for the control of the Rapido River, and Mt. Rotondo in Italy. They became amply adept, when they returned home determined to improve the social and economic conditions for mejicanos, although, at first, the advancement was slow and incremental. They did set in motion a transformation that took years to gain control of their town, and fight their local Ku Klux Klan, school board, city hall, landowners, and the power structure that oppressed them before the war. It is an American, a Texan, as well as a Latino of duty to country, flag, struggle, and liberation.





Olga Muñoz Rodríquez was founder and publisher of El Uvalde Times (1978-1980) (1991-1992), a bilingual newspaper in Uvalde, Texas, where she often wrote of the many activists that changed Uvalde. In 1977, with her friend Ramón Velásquez, she created a talk show called Comentario to discuss local issues on Radio Station KVOU. Her former company, Workforce Development Strategies, provided customer service training. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Incarnate Word and Master of Business Administration from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.













Shattered Dreams: The story of a historic ICE raid in the words of the detainees. Gibbs, Virginia, and Luz María Hernández, Editors. ISBN: 978-1491086377 $22.95

“ This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. In May of 2008, during the Obama Administration, the small town of Postville, Iowa, experienced an Immigration Raid in which nearly 400 Latino immigrant workers in the meat processing industry were arrested. The Postville Raid, the second largest in U.S. history, was the first and last of its kind. Instead of immediately deporting the undocumented, they were tried in groups of ten on charges of identity theft and then sent to jail for 5 ½ months. A group of 40 women were arrested but released with GPS monitors on their ankles so that they could care for young children, and were held in Postville for over a year during which they were not allowed to work to support their families. These are the life stories, told in their own words, of some of the workers who were affected by the raid. The immigrant families, with special emphasis on women and children, share the stories of their childhoods, the decision and the journey to “El Norte,” working at the meat processing plant, and the raid and its aftermath. These true stories vividly portray the fear, violence and harassment that is the lot of those who are “undocumented,” but also shows their strength of spirit in the face of poverty-stricken childhoods, dangerous border crossings, inhumane working conditions, and as they experienced the U.S. legal and penal system.

"The long-silenced voices of the humble migrants victimized by the infamous federal raid at Postville, Iowa are recovered at last in this volume, where they coalesce into a gentle mallet that strikes at the gong of our national conscience, issuing a wake-up call to our humanity. Our only dignified answer should be fair and lasting immigration reform." --Erik Camayd-Freixas, author of U.S. Immigration Reform and its Global Impact: Lessons from the Postville Raid.

“An earthquake would not have been able to plunge Postville into a greater sense of loss and confusion than the federal government did that day. I remember the stories of the parents and the children who could not find each other, a community simply devastated by the raid, and the religious community stepping up to help, provide shelter, and provide information in the vacuum. Postville instantly became iconic in the community for why we need immigration reform and it is still an image that haunts and inspires me. And it is a story that must be told and remembered.” Rep. Luis V. Gutiérrez, U.S. House of Representatives (IL-04)

The authors dedicate this book to the women and men who generously shared their testimonies of the Postville ICE raid. “It was both my privilege and challenge to serve as the Pastoral Administrator of St. Bridget’s Parish in Postville, Iowa at the time of the notorious and disgraceful immigration raid at Agriprocessors on May 12, 2008. This experience convinced me that the “Postville Story” needed to be told and retold, for the sharing of a story can have a profound impact on our lives. Stories shape our lives. Stories inspire. Stories bring to life our deepest held values and beliefs. Stories inform and stories have the potential to transform. My hope is that the stories within this sacred text will have the power, not only to transform individual hearts, but ultimately to transform our current immigration policy. “ Sister Mary McCauley, BVM.













Living in the Shadows of  Che Guevara. By L. Guerrero and Louis Reyes Rivera. ISBN:978-1-951088-00-2.  440 pgs. $24.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latin America--Fiction--Social Life and politics; Che Guevara Biography, Latino literature Che Guevara Fictional Biography; Hispanic literature Historical Fiction; Che Guevara Historical Fiction, Che Guevara assassination Bolivia


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 

“It’s said that Don Quixote went mad from reading too many wild romances of chivalry. The greatest of these was Amadís of Gaul with its mysterious heroine Oriana, who would appear in Ariosto’s poem, Proust’s Duchese de Germantes. L. Guerrero and Louis Reyes Rivera have given us Oriana once more in what could pass as a latter-day romance of chivalry. There is nothing virtual about Latin American reality as it borders so closely on the world of the fantastic. Its tale might well drive some contemporary Quixote daft. Readers of this novel must be careful and look to their sanity.” —Gregory Rabassa, the preeminent American translator of Spanish and Portguese; his works include Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis’s The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas.

Johnny Temple, Publisher of Akashic Book spoke highly about the novel Living In the Shadows of Che Guevara: “This is an international crime story with the ghosts and skeletons of history. This story melds the personal, and the individual characters, with the political and international which is handled organically. This book reminds me of one of my favorite novels of the last 20-years, Four Hands, by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, a book that also features a journalist-protagonist, along with a cast of other characters.”

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Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg. ISBN: 978-0-915745-05-0 248 pages. $19.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino book, Guatemalan literature book, Latino literature book, Hispanic literature book, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction book, Guatemalan life Fiction  book


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 


Guatemala, Pueblo Nublado, 1931. Sofi is a rural teacher who arrives at Casa Montesanto, located at the foot of a volcano in the beautiful and mysterious Bosques Nebulosos, to be the assistant of the Vega sisters. Unsuspectingly, she finds herself at the service of a dark and greedy family, obsessed with power and wealth, that hides a sinister past. Cecilia, the youngest daughter, has been forced to create her own secret world to survive after a horrible trauma left her mute. By helping her, Sofi begins a journey full of love, determination, and courage that continues through Camila, her granddaughter. As Camila digs up the family mystery through Sofi’s clues, she discovers both her purpose in life and her true love. Grandmother and granddaughter tell the story in two voices. Ixcanul Te, the nearby volcano, intimately aligned with Cecilia’s soul, echoes the narrators as it witnesses the atrocities that happen in Montesanto.

“The author inter-weaves three different timelines and three different voices, not allowing the reader to put down the book from beginning to end. This thought-provoking thriller, beautifully written, breaks through the barriers of a conventional Gothic novel. A true masterpiece!”—VIDA AMOR DE PAZ, Columnist, Writer, TV Personality and Environmentalist, Winner of the Presidential Award 2010 in Guatemala, and Woman of the Year 2018.

“A journey into a volcano—an ambitious family, and the shy young women who, without much talk, shook a whole town. Magic and verb are the key ingredients of this great story, which challenges the reader from the first to the last paragraph.” —ANDRES CORREA GUATARASMA / North American Academy of the Spanish Language 

 Foreign press review:https://www.prensalibre.com/opinion/columnasdiarias/montanas-que-tocan-el-cielo/






Patricia Sorg is an award winning Guatemalan artist who has exhibited her work throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Captivated by the colors and beauty of her native country, Patricia has been telling vivid stories through her paintings since she was very young. It was this same inspiration that compelled her to write her first fictional novel, MOUNTAINS THAT TOUCH THE SKY (Montañas que tocan el cielo), in which the customs and traditions of her people come to life. Now an American citizen, Patricia lives in Sarasota, FL, where she is dedicated to her creative career, exhibits her work and leads painting workshops.  


















I never saw them again. By Javier Mendoza ISBN: 978-0-915745-74-6 146 pages. $17.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Ecuadorian literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction, Hispanic life Fiction


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
This is a story of legal immigration to the United States and forced family separation. When a mother took her three children to the USA Consul’s office in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to get visas to immigrate to New York City in 1967, it changed their lives forever. The consul advised the mother that she could not immigrate together with her children. First she would have to get a visa for the USA, establish a place of residence, and provide proof of income in order to petition for her children to join her in New York. The three children, two girls and a boy, were left behind in boarding schools for two years. At least, the sisters were together during that time. The family followed the rules and came here legally. However, the separation fractured the family forever and it has never been the same. They are not close even today. In New York, the mother created her own social circle and the sisters made new friends. The boy became detached from the family, but socialized in school and neighborhood. He  never became too close to anyone and has no emotional bond until this day. Forced family separation was thrusted upon legal immigrants as well. This is one of the stories.

Javier Mendoza was born on 1959 in Ecuador. He attended six private schools and catholic schools in Guayaquil and Rocafuerte by the time he finished the fifth grade. When he was ten years old he arrived with his two sisters in Manhattan in May of 1970. His mother constantly moved the family; they lived in six different apartments until they bought a house in Queens, NY in 1977. Mr. Mendoza graduated from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in 1976 and enrolled in four different colleges before he graduated from St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, NY, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management in 2001. Mr. Mendoza worked on Wall Street for twenty years and later worked as a Management Consultant for fifteen years.










Kankin’s Kingdom, Foreseen: Based on the True Story of Tough Love. By Enrique S. Flores.  ISBN: 978-0-915745-87-6 146 pages. $17.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 146 pages

Latino Fiction Social life and customs book, Latino literature book, Latino Fiction book, Mexican American barrio life Memoir Fiction book, Hispanic literature book

This book is published by Floricanto Press.

Kankin’s Kingdom, Foreseen will produce a motion picture in the theatre of your mind. This novel details the rite of passage of a family, pushing through various Catch-22 obstacles within a paradox of the present, past, and future coexisting. Each scene in Kankin’s Kingdom, Foreseen will pull the reader into a metaphysical world—a realm where poignancy and agony dance inside a psychological tornado. The story, a prophesy, will lure the passerby to walk the tightrope between day dreams and nightmares. Ultimately, this forewarning intends to empower, motivate, and rectify the future as a revelation.

Enrique Flores comes from a working-class, low-income family. Flores’ story of overcoming anger, gang violence and mentality is poignant and profound. He and his brother were stabbed as a result of gang violence. He grew up in East San Jose’s “Story & King Rds. Neighborhood.” He attended neighborhood schools and, with the help of Jesuit Priests, he received a scholarship to Bellarmine College Preparatory, and earned a B.S. and a M.A. from Santa Clara University. He wrote Barrio Side Hero published by Floricanto Press 2019.







Enrique Flores returned to the neighborhood where he grew up devoting over twenty years to mentoring at-risk and high-risk youth. He dedicates his time helping youth and disengaging them from the neighborhood gangs' pernicious influence and preparing them for college and work.













Grandpa's Short-Handled Hoe. El azadón de mango corto del Abuelito. Written and illustrated by Denis O'Leary. ISBN: 9781693045400. 8.5x11, color illustrated, 28 pgs. $16.95

Latino Children's Spanish/English bilingual book; Hispanic Children's Spanish/English bilingual book; Cesar Chavez and farm labor struggle Children's Spanish/English bilingual book;Latino biographies César Chávez Children's book; Farm workers social conditions Children's Spanish/English bilingual book;


This is a Spanish/English bilingual, illustrated, children's biography of one the labor struggle and triumph of César Chávez in the fields of California. In life, César brought many positive changes to many lives and even today his memory continues to inspire young and old alike. This is a story of the impact of the short hoe on farm workers and how it affected their families. Many elder farm workers can remember the harsh working conditions in the fields before César E. Chávez, Dolores Huerta and the U.F.W. brought about many improvements in the sixties and seventies. One of the worst experiences for workers was the use of the short handled hoe. Many disabilities and pains can still be directly connected to bending or stooping down to weed the fields with the short handled hoe.




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Little Cesar. El Pequeño César: A Spanish/English bilingual Early Reader Story book. Written and illustrated by Denis O’Leary. ISBN-13:978-0-915745-86-9. $16.95


8.5" x 11" Color illustrated on White paper 24 pages

Hispanic biography Children's illustrated book , Latino biography Children's illustrated book , Mexican American Children's illustrated biography book , Latin American Children's illustrated biography book, Hispanic Non-Fiction Children's illustrated book, Latino Non-Fiction Children's illustrated book, Cesar Chavez Children's illustrated biography, César Chávez biografía Libro infantil ilustrado

Little Cesar. El pequeño César. A Spanish/English bilingual Early Reader Story book is an illustrated, bilingual biography of the labor leader and social rights activist. It depicts César Chávez’s life from the time that he worked in the fields as a young boy, went to school, and founded the United Farmworkers’ Union.

Denis O’Leary has been an educator for three decades and long served in civil rights organizations as well has been an elected school Trustee for sixteen of those years. Denis O’Leary has authored fascinating books that reflect respect for diverse Latin American cultures such as Alba Walking in the Shadows, Esteban’s Caravan, and children’s books honoring the late César Chávez. He wrote and illustrated Remembering César Chávez, a Spanish/English bilingual book, César Chávez, a coloring book, and Grandpa’s Short Handled Hoe. Mr. O’Leary’s illustrations and story telling is a tribute to César Chávez, the labor leader and founder of the United Farmworkers’ Union.






César Chávez Coloring book. Designed and illustrated by Denis O’Leary. ISBN-13:978-1082705922. $6.95

8.5" x 11" Black & White on white paper 24 pages

Hispanic biography Children's illustrated book , Latino biography Children's illustrated book , Mexican American Children's illustrated biography book , Latin American Children's illustrated biography book, Hispanic Non-Fiction Children's illustrated book, Latino Non-Fiction Children's illustrated book, Cesar Chavez Children's illustrated biography, César Chávez biografía Libro infantil ilustrado

César Chávez Coloring book is a collection of coloring templates profiling the biography of the labor leader and civil rights activist. It depicts César Chávez’s life from the time that he worked in the fields as a young boy, went to school, and founded the United Farmworkers’ Union.

Denis O’Leary has been an educator for three decades and long served in civil rights organizations as well has been an elected school Trustee for sixteen of those years. Denis O’Leary has authored fascinating books that reflect respect for diverse Latin American cultures such as Alba Walking in the Shadows, Esteban’s Caravan, and children’s books honoring the late César Chávez. He wrote and illustrated Remembering César Chávez, a Spanish/English bilingual book, César Chávez, a coloring book, and Grandpa’s Short Handled Hoe. Mr. O’Leary’s illustrations and story telling is a tribute to César Chávez, the labor leader and founder of the United Farmworkers’ Union.









Denis O’Leary has been an educator for three decades and long served in civil rights organizations as well has been an elected school Trustee for sixteen of those years. Denis O’Leary has authored fascinating books that reflect respect for diverse Latin American cultures such as Alba Walking in the Shadows, Esteban’s Caravan, and children’s books honoring the late César Chávez. He wrote and illustrated Remembering César Chávez, a Spanish/English bilingual book, César Chávez, a coloring book, and Grandpa’s Short Handled Hoe. Mr. O’Leary’s illustrations and story telling is a tribute to César Chávez, the labor leader and founder of the United Farmworkers’ Union.

















Searching for Modern Mexico: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Global Economy. By Nathaniel Parish Flannery. ISBN: 978-0-915745-82-1. $22.95

Mexico Economic development, U.S. Mexico Trade and commerce, Mexico Social and economic conditions, U.S. Mexico Border trade, Mexico Economic modernization


Searching For Modern Mexico explains the problems and paradoxes that define the U.S.’s southern neighbor by telling the story behind the coffee, mezcal, avocados, beer, and tacos Mexico produces and exports. Author Nathaniel Parish Flannery, a veteran Latin America analyst and writer, brings readers to the front lines of some of the most fascinating and inaccessible parts of Mexico. The book invites readers into remote, indigenous communities, introduces a range of fascinating characters, and explains the obstacles in front of entrepreneurs trying to build businesses exporting traditional Mexican products. The book provides an unparalleled tour of the chaos and contradictions of Modern Mexico.






Nathaniel Parish Flannery holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University. He has been researching and writing about Mexico since 2007, and published articles with Fortune, The Atlantic, Foreign Affairs, Outside, Boston Magazine, Pacific Standard, and The Guardian. He started as a Latin America analyst on Wall Street. He has written for several think tanks and research groups including the Americas Society / Council of the Americas, The Economist Intelligence Unit, IHS Global Insight, Albright Stonebridge Group, Oxford Business Group, and the Open Society Foundation. While working on this book Nathaniel visited indigenous communities in the mountains of Chiapas and Oaxaca in southern Mexico, rode along with cartel-fighting vigilante gunmen in Michoacan, and sat down with taco chefs and CEOs in Guadalajara and Tijuana. He is a coffee aficionado, a mezcal drinker, an avocado devotee, and a long-time fan of beer and tacos. In Searching for Modern Mexico, he brings substantive economic and political analysis to Mexican life through intrepid fieldwork and narrative storytelling.










Playlist. By Ernesto González Barnert. Translated by Jessica Sequeira. ISBN: 978-0-915745-81-4. $14.95

Latino Poetry book, Latino literature book, Chilean Poetry in Translation book, Latino Poetry Chile social life book, Hispanic literature book, Hispanic Poetry book , Latin American Poetry book

Playlist is a volume that exceeds any definition or literary genre. In these poems about music, united by a lyrical pulse, the author traces a vital trajectory of love touched by death. According to the author, "For a long time Playlist carried this epigraph by Alex Turner, vocalist for the Arctic Monkeys: I poured my aching heart into a pop song. / I couldn't get the hang of poetry."
Playlist makes me think that when I see that girl sitting on the ground in the metro listening to music, and I'm in the corner also listening to music, perhaps we are not so far apart, perhaps a possibility exists of connecting, of getting to know each other. Mike Wilson

A secret of this book by Ernesto Gonzalez Barnert is that not only is it a "playlist" or "soundtrack", it is also the "soundtrack of a generation". Ricardo Martinez

Ernesto Gonzalez Barnert (Temuco, Chile, 1978) is a poet with more than ten books published. He has received the Pablo Neruda Award for Poetry in 2018, the National Book Council Award for Best Unpublished Work in 2014, the Eduardo Anguita National Prize in 2009 and the Pablo Neruda Award of Honor from the University of Valparaiso in 2007, in addition to several other recognitions and grants for his poetic work. Among his latest books are the anthology No Man Is an Island (Buenos Aires Poetry, 2019) and the collection We Were Stars, We Were Music, We Were Time (Mago, 2018). Gonzalez Barnert is also a filmmaker and cultural events organizer at the Espacio Estravagario of the Pablo Neruda Foundation. He lives in Santiago.





Ernesto González Barnert.






Jessica Sequeira, Translator










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Woman Hanging from a Rope. By Fe Orellana. Translated by Jessica Sequeira. ISBN: 978-0-915745-80-7. $12.95

Latino Fiction book, Latino literature book, Chilean Fiction in Translation book, Latino literature Chile social life book, Hispanic literature book


Beatriz, a journalist for a sensationalist newspaper, moves through the passages and galleries of Santiago, Chile, seeking to discover the mystery concealed by the homeless people, amputees and madmen who inhabit them. There are no drugs, weapons or financial transactions in this case, unlike in others she has investigated. None of her successful feature stories have what this one does: networks of child trafficking, photographs that attempt to emulate Araki and a company of actors with extreme ideas about art, which is why she feels an uncontrollable attraction for her investigation that can only be compared to the pleasure she experiences when practicing the ancient erotic art of shibari. In perfect sync at every specific point on the plane, as in a grid over a map of the city, pursuers and pursued observe and shift positions like pieces on a chessboard over the streets of a dark metropolis. A rope ties them together. The same one from which Beatriz hangs.



Woman Hanging from a Rope is the first novel by Fe Orellana, in which he crosses the classic noir novel with the nightmare, paranoia and absurdity of Santiago to represent the reality of the Latin American city. Fe Orellana (Santiago, Chile, 1991) is a writer and translator. He has published the novel Woman Hanging from a Rope (PorNos, 2017) and his work appears in the anthology of contemporary Chilean fiction Santiago (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Manchester, 2019). He has received the Roberto Bolaño Novel Prize and the Literary Creation Grant from the National Council of Culture and the Arts, as well as the Gabriela Mistral Story Prize. Currently he lives in California, where he is completing an MFA in Creative Writing at San Diego State University.







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Ikons of the Past: Poetry of the Hispanic Americas. Edited and translated by Robert Lima. ISBN:13: 978-1717311498. $19.95

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing anthology; rather, it represents personal choices I made on encountering the poets and poems in the original Spanish. These are poems by poets from colonial times into the twentieth century that I’ve enjoyed reading over many years: poets and poems that I treasure and now have bonded with through translation. Many of the poems have been published in books, journals and periodicals. Some of the poets are represented by more selections than others: simply a matter of the impact made on me by the selected pieces. 
These are poems that I wish others to enjoy through my interpretation in English of each poet’s view of the human condition. 

ROBERT LIMA, award-winning poet, internationally-recognized critic, bibliographer, playwright and translator, is Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Comparative Literatures at The Pennsylvania State University, as well as Fellow Emeritus of the Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies.





ROBERT LIMA, award-winning poet, internationally-recognized critic, bibliographer, playwright and translator, is Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Comparative Literatures at The Pennsylvania State University, as well as Fellow Emeritus of the Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies. He is an Academician of the Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española and a Corresponding Member of the Real Academia Española. He has been honored as a Distinguished Alumnus by Villanova University, inducted into the Enxebre Orden da Vieira in Spain and named Knight Commander in the Order of Queen Isabel of Spain by His Majesty King Juan Carlos I. A second knighthood, in the Imperial Hispanic Order of Charles V, was bestowed on him at The Alcázar in Segovia, Spain by the His Serene Highness, the Prince of Borbón.













Rapanui. Easter Island. By Denis O'Leary. ISBN-13: 978-109975026-7. $19.95.

6" x 9" Color on White paper, 100 pages

Rapanui History and description, Easter Island History and description, Rapanui photographic essay,  Easter Island photographic essay, Latino Non Fiction Easter Island history, Isla de Pascua History and description

This a color photographic, historical, and contemporary description of the island. Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island and Isla de Pascua, has long been said by natives to be at the navel of the Earth. The people of Easter Island knew of no others for hundreds of years and built their society and belief system until contacted by the outside world in 1722. It is still unknown if the social collapse that followed was from a natural disaster, forced by the human contact or more than likely as a result of a combination of the two.
In the center of the South Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui is located 2,191 miles west of the coast of Chile, South America in the center of the Pacific Ocean. Some 2,704 miles northeast of Tahiti, the island remains even today the most isolated inhabited land on the planet.

Today, 7,750 people live on Easter Island. A territory of Chile, many who live on the Island consider themselves Rapanui before Chilean. Spanish is the language spoken by most, but the almost lost language of the island is taught in schools and families to bring the pride of the native islanders to the front. Note that the island and native language is "Rapa Nui" and the people of the island are "Rapanui."







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Remembering César E. Chávez. Recordando a César E. Chávez. By Denis O'Leary. ISBN: 9781076879516. $17.95

Latino Biography book, Latino Biography Cesar Chavez Spanish/English bilingual book, Latino Biography Cesar Chavez Agricultural labor Spanish/English bilingual book, Hispanic César Chávez illustrated biography


This is a Spanish/English bilingual, illustrated, young adult biography of the labor leader. Born in Yuma, Arizona, in early life César Chávez worked as a manual laborer and later served in the United States Navy in WWII. Chávez became an American labor leader and civil rights activist who, along with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association in 1962. In life, César brought many positive changes to many lives and even today his memory continues to inspire young and old alike.
















Chicago Neighbors: A Year in Short Stories. By Fr. Clete Kiley. ISBN-13: 9781099168765. $22.95.

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 200 pages

Latino Fiction book, Latino literature book, Fiction Multi-ethnic Chicago short stories book, Literature Chicago social life book, Hispanic literature book

Chicago is often called a city of neighborhoods, and a city of immigrants. In this heart-warming collection of stories Fr. Kiley peels back the curtain for a look at real life among Chicago neighbors. In his words, Kiley says, " each story is an epiphany of the spirit and grace that abound all around us in our city every day. He adds, "many of the main characters in these stories are immigrants. My hope is that these stories will lift up the dignity and cultures and deep spiritualities of our immigrant neighbors. When we see each other more clearly we can change the ugly anti- immigrant rhetoric that seems so prevalent today, and see our neighbors for the beautiful people they are."

Meet some very interesting people. Meet their heritages. Watch them interact and push into promising futures of coincidence and cooperation. You will be richer for walking alongside these Chicago Neighbors.

—John Shea, author of Seeing Haloes, (Liturgical Press)

“Clete Kiley has Chicago in his veins. It empowers his urban writing with character making his characters pop from the heart and memory. No disposable life here. All is sacred and worth savoring. In those little pieces, no matter how delicate or vulnerable, he’s one writer with the brains to see the pathways leading to the bigger picture. Profound respect for the cross cultures in which we live, lets him lift up a truer America. Alive. Engaged. And ready for what lies ahead.”

—Thomas J. O’Gorman: Thomas J. O’Gorman is a writer and painter. The author of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago, and a weekly cultural columnist at Skyline Productions.


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The Latin Poet's Guide to the Cosmo. By Susannah R. Drissi. ISBN-13: 9781098619916. $6.95.

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 47 pages

Latin American poetry book, Latina literature book, Hispanic literature book, Hispanic Poetry book, Cuban American Poetry book, Romance literature book, Romance Poetry book

"Seriously playful, sublimely macaronic, SRD’s poems brilliantly explore the intimate geometries of languages in contact. The reader who accepts the challenge will come away from the collection with a renewed understanding of the ways in which our languages anchor us and set us adrift.”

A delightfully choreographed, and ultimately scintillating hoodwink, this extraordinary collection of poetry constitutes a cross-linguistic poetic event in which the correspondence between Romance languages is so close as to approach the condition of a new vernacular; and where the very issue of movement between languages is somehow central, and sound and rhythm are the fundamental characteristics of poetry. Written at the intersection of several romance languages, and most closely related to Spanish and Italian, the collection wears its Latinity on its sleeve; in other words, this is a collection fueled by the many convergences and divergences possible between Latin and its vernaculars, ultimately proposing that true Latinity is always first and foremost expressed through language. And, sometimes, also humor.

Esta extraordinaria colección de poemas, deliciosamente coreografiados y en última instancia triunfantes, constituye un evento poético interlingüístico en el que la correspondencia entre las lenguas romances es tan cercana como para abordar la condición de un nuevo idioma vernáculo; y donde el tema mismo del movimiento entre idiomas es de alguna manera central, y el sonido y el ritmo son las características fundamentales de la poesía. Escrita en la intersección de varias lenguas romances, y más relacionada con el español e italiano, la colección lleva su latinidad a flor de piel; en otras palabras, esta es una colección alimentada por las muchas convergencias y divergencias posibles entre el latín y sus lenguas vernáculas, que en última instancia proponen que la verdadera latinidad siempre se expresa primero y principalmente a través del lenguaje. Y, a veces, también a través del humor.

Questa straordinaria collezione di poesie, deliziosamente coreografata e in ultima analisi trionfante, costituisce un evento poetico interlinguistico in cui la corrispondenza tra le lingue romanze è così vicina da avvicinarsi alla condizione di un nuovo volgare; e dove la questione stessa del movimento tra le lingue è in qualche modo centrale, e il suono e il ritmo sono le caratteristiche fondamentali della poesia. Scritto all’incrocio di diverse lingue romanze, e più strettamente imparentato allo spagnolo e all’italiano, la collezione indossa la sua latinità sulla manica; in altre parole, questa è una collezione alimentata dalle molte convergenze e divergenze possibili tra il latino e i suoi vernacolari, in definitiva proponendo che la vera latinità sia sempre espressa innanzitutto attraverso il linguaggio. E, a volte, anche umorismo.


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The Los Angeles Review of Books just published an amazing review of The Latin Poet's Guide to the Cosmos










Ordem e progresso: Breve história do Brasil. By Clary Loisel. ISBN: 978-109653161-6. $16.95. 150 pgs. 6" x 9"

“Professor Clary Loisel’s book is a compelling synopsis of the history of Brazil arranged by important historiographic periods of the Brazilian institutional development from the colonial period to the republics, times of turmoil of democratic institutions and change, and democratic institutionalization.

O professor Clary Loisel nos apresenta uma narrativa fluida e esclarecedora, importante para facilitar a compreensão da dinâmica de um país de dimensões continentais, que ainda luta para se firmar no cenário mundial. Pedro Armando de Almeida Magalhães, Professor Adjunto de Letras, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ)

Escrito em linguagem simples e dentro de uma perspectiva de evolução histórica, o Professor Loisel apresenta os períodos da história social, política, econômica do Brasil de forma clara, permitindo ao leitor compreender as razões históricas, sociais e econômicas que formaram a realidade que é o Brasil de hoje. A narrativa segue a progressão do desenvolvimento da história, a economia, e os processos políticos com uma seleção de pormenores essenciais e análise claro e útil. O autor conseguiu manter o foco da obra dentro da organização lógica, cronológica, ligada aos temas dos capítulos. Como resultado, o livro lhe dá ao/à leitor/a uma experiência que satifaz o desejo de aprender muito. Ao mesmo tempo a habilidade e o conhecimento do Professor Loisel consegue gerar e manter um nível de interesse bem alto. O livro chega a um tempo propício em que o Brasil atrai a atenção mundial por causa das recentes eleições e o resultante surto ao direito na pessoa de Jair Bolsonaro. Stanley Rose, Professor Emeritus. Universidade de Montana, Missoula, MT







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Bobby and Miguel. By Victor McGlone. ISBN:13: 978-109532850-7 $16.95 6 x 9 150 pages

Bobby and Miguel is about a twelve-year-old boy, Bobby, growing up in the Midwest. His neighborhood is quite homogeneous. Everyone who attends his school comes from a very similar background. The main character, Bobby, is a happy boy with few worries in life. One summer, between sixth and seventh grades, Bobby gets a new next-door-neighbor. His new neighbor was born in the USA, but his parents are from Merida, Mexico. During the summer before seventh grade, the two boys, Bobby and Miguel, develop a friendship. Although they each have new things to learn about each other, Bobby, in particular, has much to learn about Miguel and the Latino culture he comes from. This story is about growing up, but more pointedly it is a story about barriers and lines we all must eventually tackle. It explores lines between cultures, the metaphorical lines between sleeping and waking, the real barriers between childhood and adulthood and grapples with the moral line between doing what is right or doing nothing. Terri Pasqualin, Humanities Teacher














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ÉRASE UNA VEZ UN PATRIOTA. Capítulo Primero: Patria Huérfana. By Andrés Arellano Báez and Pablo Luis Sánchez Báez. Spanish. ISBN 9781095791905. $19.95 6" x 9" (15.24cm x 22.86 cm) 200 pages

The true story of how, the State Department, the CIA, businessmen, drug traffickers, and politicians joined hand and treacherously plotted the murder of a popular and beloved reformist presidential candidate, Luis Carlos Galán, who was about to change the country. La verdadera historia de cómo, el Departamento de Estado, la CIA, empresarios, narcotraficantes y políticos se unieron y tramaron traidoramente el asesinato de un popular y querido candidato presidencial reformista, Luis Carlos Galán, que estaba a punto de cambiar el país.

Max Matrix, a spy who in the 80s was prominent in Colombia as an agent of the CIA. His mission: was to establish an economic political agenda favorable to the interests of the United States. His ally in this quest: the enemy number one of the world, Pablo Escobar. This historical novel is the true story of how, complying with the maxim of the State Department (the enemy of my enemy is my friend), between businessmen, drug traffickers, politicians and the CIA, they treacherously murdered a popular and loved presidential candidate, Luis Carlos Galán, who was about to change the country. The most powerful hidden truth of the War on Drugs and the invasion of the New World Order in Latin America.







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South Exit. By Carlos Bortoni. Translated from the Spanish by Toshiya Kamei. ISBN 978-1090965127. $12.95 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 80 pages

“South Exit is a collection of urban parables featuring the lonely struggles of marginalized characters, unseen and unloved, who watch and negotiate space from the edges, while witnessing (and avoiding) the habitual cruelties and comforts of the normative majority. There is a refreshing honesty to this work, blending humor, irony, tenderness and grit along a horizontal map of daily survival. Carlos Bortoni’s signature style is hypnotic—skillfully rendered in Toshiya Kamei’s translation—at once poetic and mundane, achieving the literary magic of moving the margins to the center, of replacing the surfaces with the depths. Everything seems different here, yet all-too-painfully familiar.” —Chad Sweeney, author of Wolf’s Milk: The Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney


“Carlos Bortoni is a novelist who offers a singular and perhaps unique view. A possessor of lively prose of an unpredictable stroke and a functional language without reaching the saber cut, without ‘postmodern’ crossroads or scaffolding, he manages to generate a narrative of his own personal stamp. His natural Hispanic temperament allows him to mock others, and due to his own ingenuity and malevolence, to his discredit, he manages to convince those present that his ridicule is justified.” —Luis Bugarini, author of Imitación de Malevich  







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Pledge of Allegiance. Juramento a la bandera. By Denis O'Leary. Colección Floricanto Infantil. ISBN: 978-1798873335. $14.95. 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 34 pages Color on White paper

Children's Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano children's literature, Latino children's literature, Latino children's Fiction Book, Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / United States / Hispanic & Latino children's book, Pledge of Allegiance Children's books, Children Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy

Spanish/English bilingual edition This is a publication of Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com An illustrated, English, Spanish bilingual and Mixteco children's book depicting and explaining in simple terms the significance and meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Un libro ilustrado, en inglés, en español, bilingüe y mixteco para niños que describe y explica en términos sencillos el significado y el significado de la Promesa de lealtad a la bandera de los Estados Unidos de América.
















Jose Gregorio Hernandez: La epopeya de su laboratorio. Por la Dra. Claudia Blandenier de Suárez, Dr. Enrique López-Loyo, y  Diana López Jelenkovic. ISBN 13: 978-179647259-2 $23.95 350 pages

Hispanic medical profession biography book, Latino physicians biography book, Venezuela medical doctors biography book, Latin American medical doctors biography book, Venezuela Investigación médica historia libro, Latino biography in Spanish

El objetivo general de este libro, es desglosar la tarea titánica, una verdadera epopeya, que tuvo que desarrollar el Venerable José Gregorio Hernández a los 27 años de edad, para, en primer lugar instalar un laboratorio moderno por primera vez en nuestro país y luego enseñar, ejercer, investigar y divulgar temas de Histología Normal y Patológica, Bacteriología, Embriología y Fisiología Experimental.

The general objective of this book is to break down the titanic task, which the Venerable José Gregorio Hernández had to develop at the age of 27, in order to first install a modern laboratory for the first time in our country and then teach, practice, research and disseminate topics of Normal and Pathological Histology, Bacteriology, Embryology and Experimental Physiology.






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La Canasta:  An Anthology of Latin American Women Poets. Edited and translated by Toshiya Kamei. ISBN:13: 978-179154379-2. $16.95 160 pages

Poetry / Caribbean & Latin American, Mexican women Poetry, Hispanic women poetry collection

This book collects poetry by nine women poets I have translated during the last several years. Six of them are Mexican, two are Peruvian, and one is Spanish. They were born during the 1960s and ‘70s, and their ages range from 40 to 55. They hold a licenciatura (equivalent to bachelor’s degree) in such diverse fields as philosophy and economics, and five have earned graduate degrees from foreign universities. Several of them currently teach at the university level at home and abroad, and three were pursuing their PhD degrees in the United States when we began this project.. 

The aim of this anthology is to promote Spanish-language poetry by women. Like any anthology, however, it is far from comprehensive. I am aware that, by choosing to include certain poets, I am excluding others. Furthermore, because of my literary taste, the process of selecting poets has been largely arbitrary. Also, chance has played a part in my selection. As a beginning translator, I work mainly with young poets whose work has not been widely translated. Most of my poets come from Mexico, where I learned Spanish and made lasting friendships. I also feel a strong affinity for Peru and Spain, countries I have visited a few times.” 










My Father Thinks I’m a Fakir. By Claudia Apablaza, Toshiya Kamei (Translator) ISBN: 978-179092056-3. $17.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 180 pages

Latino Fiction book, Latino literature book, Chilean Fiction in Translation book, Latino literature Chile social life book, Hispanic literature book

Claudia Apablaza (b. 1978) is an award-winning Chilean writer. Her books include Siempre te creíste la Virginia Woolf (2011), Goø y el amor (2012), and Diario de quedar embarazada (2017). English Translations of her fiction have appeared in Gargoyle Magazine, Hayden's Ferry Review, St. Petersburg  Review, Yalobusha Review; and  her story "I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. This is her first book to appear in English.
"Apablaza is a fixation master. Common sense implies that fixation would lead to a mind being in control and focused. But it doesn't, obsession often leads to out of control emotions and impulsive decisions. Apablaza understands that troubling nature of feeling possessed."
Noah Cicero, author of Blood-Soaked Buddha/Hard Earth Pascal
"Claudia Apablaza writes about love, relationships, family, desperation, meaning, mental-and-physical health, sadness, and confusion in a distinctively strange and subtly playful way that I find exciting, moving, funny, and calming."
–Tao Lin, author of Trip




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Minority Empowerment: How to Achieve Professional Success in America. By Bianca Calderon-Brown and Randall Brown. ISBN-13: 9781795161732. $8.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 50 pages

Hispanic and minority business book, Latino Latina academic achievement book, Chicano Latino professional development book, Mexican American Latino Poetry book, Minority academic achievement book, Minority professional development book, Hispanic non fiction book, Latino non fiction book

This is a joint publication of Floricanto Press and Berkeley Presses. www.FloricantoPress.com Minority Empowerment: How to Achieve Professional Success in America is a frank, refreshing, and honest guide to help give persons of color valuable resources and skills to achieve success in America. As two people of color who combined have attended four Ivy League institutions, Dr. Bianca Calderon-Brown and Randall Brown are uniquely qualified to provide a roadmap for others.The Browns have written a brief but compelling manual, which they used to get to Ivy league colleges and succeed professionally. This book is a valuable guide for minorities who are serious about their professional future. Underrepresented ethnic minority students represent a challenge to the American educational establishment. An emerging corpus of literature brings understanding into the elements for their academic success. However, very few books have been written by minorities in the trenches, who shared the same backgrounds, but methodically succeeded academically and professionally. LatinoBook.net









Midnight Vallenato. By Edwin Murillo. By Edwin Murillo. ISBN: 9781791543792. $17.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 180 pages

Latino Fiction Social life and customs book, Latino literature book, Latino Fiction book, Mexican American barrio life Fiction book, Hispanic literature book

This book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com www.LatinoBooks.Net Midnight Vallenato narrates experiences with racism, police brutality, domestic violence, memory, and the seemingly eternal cultural maladjustment of Hispanic-Americans. Young voices victimized at school, home, and work, to the narcissist in the title story being hunted at midnight. This collection offer tales that touch upon common spaces for all Hispanics, depicting the resilience of hate and racial rancor of today America. Midnight Vallenato, written in English and Spanish, carries the message that apathy and forgetting our sins is the worst sin of all.


“Trasporte gratuito a un rincón de la imaginación ... cuentos bien estructurados, personajes sólidos, mensajes certeros, y un catalejo irónico y con conciencia social, desde el que atisbar la realidad.” Belén Rodríguez-Mourelo, Pennsylvania State University-Berks College. Author of Cuban Writing Between Two Centuries (Aduana Vieja, 2018).



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Barrio Side Hero. By Enrique S. Flores. ISBN-13: 978-179515904-3. $17.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 180 pages

Latino Fiction Social life and customs book, Latino literature book, Latino Fiction book, Mexican American barrio life Memoir Fiction book, Hispanic literature book

This book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com www.LatinoBooks.Net Barrio Side Hero narrates the life of the author climbing over, tunneling under, and going around a vast array of “walls,” obstacles, and challenges, including racism, poverty, gang violence, and mental health struggles. Barrio Side Hero invites the reader walk in the chanclas on the deep and dystopian barrio experience, an adrenaline-rush ride, as well as witness and live through the valley of agony in the other side of the achievement gap and breaking the cycle of poverty. Barrio Side Hero, has a triple meaning, it represents the pride of “originating from” the Barrio Side; as well as standing with and being “for and on” the Barrio’s Side; and last, it announces that a Hero has “emerged as a product” from the Barrio Side. “I had a young lady in court today who read your book while in custody. She loved it. She hates to read books but loved your book. Have you thought of doing a writing class with the kids in Juvenile Hall or the Ranch?” —Juvenile Justice Judge “In this powerfully raw and unwaveringly honest memoir of the life of a young man, Flores captures his journey from the barrios of San Jose to Santa Clara University. Through these two worlds clashing and merging he underscores the power of family, community, and faith along the path to academic success. Barrio Side Hero is a memoir for those wanting to understand the lives of young Latino men who are sobresalientes yet have deep roots in their comunidad.”—Ms. Fernández, University Professor.








Cuán alta la luna: Breves sueños y escenas de una vida larga. By Marc Zimmerman. ISBN-13: 9781792011115. 170 pgs. $19.95.

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper

Latino Jewish Fiction, Hispanic literature, Sephardic literature, Latino--Social life and customs--Fiction, Mexico Social life Fiction, U.S.-Mexico border--Social life--Fiction

Con un leve saludo a Kafka, M, el profesor/autor protagonista del nuevo libro de Marc Zimmerman, vive atormentado por problemas con su peso y sus esposas, la escritura, la enseñanza y la etnicidad. ¿A dónde nos lleva todo esto? ¿Qué podemos sacar de estos sueños y escenas de la memoria? Cuán alta la luna: Breves sueños y escenas de una vida larga es la versión en castellano de la misma obra del autor en inglés, titulada The Short of it all Dreams and Scenes of Memoir Fiction. Si los recuerdos son en última instancia ficción, no importa cuánto estén basados en la experiencia, las memorias escritas son, inevitablemente, representaciones imaginarias de la memoria; y las ficciones de memorias son la reelaboración abierta de los recuerdos en narraciones refinadas estéticamente. Por lógica, entonces, las ficciones de memorias resultantes de los sueños son las narraciones de sueños que en un momento u otro llevan a la intervención, no importa cuán pobres o triviales, de algún tropo o truco ficticio que le da a lo que recordamos de nuestros sueños la sustancia y forma necesaria para considerarse “literatura”.

Reseña: https://www.80grados.net/la-luna-en-el-firmamento-o-como-calle-en-san-juan/





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The Wee Bannock. El Wi Banoc. Ronald W. Lemley Macías. Colección Floricanto Infantil. ISBN: 978-1548319267. $14.95. 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 34 pages Color on White paper

Children's Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano children's literature, Latino children's literature, Latino children's Fiction Book, Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / United States / Hispanic & Latino children's book, Jack and Beanstalk Spasnish, Children Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy

Author Ron W. Lemley retells and illustrates the classic tale of Wee Bannock or in Spanish, La tortilla corredora.Fact or Fiction? This tale indeed contains as many fantastic and magical elements as all good fairy tales must. I would like readers of all ages to consider the notion that fairy tales may be partially true. While I doubt that a cake would run out of the house,

I still like to think that many things in life are as unpredictable as they are inexplicable and the magic of the unexplainable opens the door to a world of enchanting possibilities for those that choose to believe.









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Esteban’s Caravan: from Hope to an American Cage. By Denis O'Leary. ISBN-13: 9781790525652. $16.95

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 150 pages

Fiction Hispanic & Latino, Hispanic literature, Latino literature Immigration, Hispanic literature, Latino immigrants--Social life and customs Fiction, Immigrant caravan life Fiction

Esteban’s Caravan is the compelling story of a ten-year-old boy with his family in their journey to find security in the United States. Seeking asylum in a nation of immigrants, Esteban travels from his damaged paradise of Guatemala hoping for a better life only to be separated from his loved ones. Twenty years later, Esteban returns to tell a child’s story of hope, tragedy and triumph to a Senatorial committee in Washington DC. The reflection rises above the dark policy of separating children from their parents who legally present themselves to the United States under the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy. Factual events are presented in Esteban’s Caravan as seen by the innocent children who went from a hope of peace to an American cage and beyond.











Lejos de la casa de la casa de mi madre. Relatos de migración y soledad. Por Bárbara Mujica ’s Home. By Bárbara Mujica. E.L. Doctorow-award-winning stories of cross-cultural perspectives. ISBN: 9781985096554       $23.95

La Mujer Latina Series

Bárbara Mujica es novelista, cuentista y ensayista, además de profesora emérita de la Universidad de Georgetown, en Washington, D.C.

Esta es una traducción al castellano de la galardonada antología de cuentos Far From My Mother's Home de la autora de la novela Las muertes de Don Bernardo (Floricanto Press, 1989). Mario Bencastro, de The Washington Review, dice que "Bárbara Mujica narra con singular maestría y lujo de detalles, creando personajes que son a la vez notables y familiares ... [Ella] ha logrado trascender la narrativa misma para transmitir emociones y exaltar a los humanos. valores." Lejos de la casa de mi madre se encuentra la colección de historias de Bárbara Mujica, que se escribió durante la década anterior a la publicación de su novela, Las muertes de Don Bernado. Estos cuentos son realmente dramáticos y perfectamente concebidos con respecto a la forma y el contenido. Los temas son modernos y pertinentes. La acción está envuelta en un realismo vívido que crea una cierta calidad visual. Las situaciones, tanto específicas como universales, se hacen realidad a través de un lenguaje abundante y directo. Es como si al escritor le conmoviera un gran deseo de mostrarnos cada situación desde todos los ángulos. En Lejos de la casa de mi madre, Bárbara Mujica examina las realidades de las sociedades altamente móviles en las que los individuos o incluso poblaciones enteras se mueven de un lugar a otro para escapar del peligro o para buscar soluciones a los problemas. Casi todos sus personajes están, de una forma u otra, arrancados de su entorno familiar: los "hogares de sus madres". Algunos, como Doña Francisca ("Amigos de Francisca"), son extraños en sus propias tierras, aislados por las circunstancias. La exploración de las diferentes formas en que estos personajes se relacionan entre sí y con las demandas de su entorno proporciona un hilo unificador.



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La Dolce Vita on the Northern Side. By Marc Zimmerman ISBN-13: 9781730956232. $18.95.

6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper 150 pages

Latino Jewish Fiction, Hispanic literature, Sephardic literature, Latino--Social life and customs--Fiction, Mexico Social life Fiction, U.S.-Mexico border--Social life--Fiction

In this final book of his Border Trilogy, Marc Zimmerman shows his protagonist Ben exploring his city as he seeks connections in the midst of growing civil rights and anti-war struggles. Ben’s first worlds are Jewish-, Italian-, and then Afro-American before they become ever more Mexican, Latino/a, and Latin American as he visits theaters, concert and lecture halls, community centers, jazz and dance, happy hour, night and after-hour clubs, the piano bars, the pickup spots and picket lines, the bar,, house and other party sites—all the settings which he and others can enjoy on and off stage, as they live the “sweet life” of their time. A marriage and Black theater projects fail; a jazzman, a woman-chaser and a father-abused girl try to break free; a lost Chicano poet forgets his professor; a second marriage begins to flounder. Parties and encounters all make for a sad “dolce vita” as Ben explores alternative border sites and lives out his young adult years until he leaves the space which has “spread its bright light on him.” Readers may follow Ben discovering more than one side of “el otro lado”—and finding that the U.S. urb north of the border itself, late to a decade’s fires, now throbs with life and is set to ignite as a new era begins.





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Los candiles de Albarracín. Por Edith Scott Saavedra. ISBN:13: 978172478838 -2. $24.95 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 352 pages


Los candiles de Albarracín da voz a los judíos, musulmanes, conversos, mudéjares y cristianos de Aragón de finales de la Edad Media. Eran los años previos a la expulsión de los judíos de España en 1492, cuando el contrato social que había sostenido una convivencia bastante frágil se disolvía. Como autora, quería explorar las creencias religiosas, la identidad y la amistad entre fes. El impacto físico, emocional y espiritual de la conversión forzada al catolicismo. La peculiar lógica de los inquisidores y de quienes les dieron su apoyo. Las historias de personas ordinarias en tiempos no ordinarios.
Si bien esta es una novela histórica, no pretendo capturar en una sola historia la complejidad de la frágil convivencia de personas de diferentes religionesque existía en Iberia en la década de 1480. De tal vasta experiencia humana, es posible escribir una infinidad de historias. Candiles sigue la tradición de la saudade portuguesa - una historia de anhelo nostálgico de un pasado que fue testigo tanto a las amistades interreligiosas como al odio y la enemistad. Con demasiada frecuencia, el estudio de la historia nos muestra cómo agrupar a las personas en categorías ordenadas. Lo que me interesa es la fluidez de las interacciones humanas. También me apasiona poder restaurar la conciencia del patrimonio multicultural, en particular, el patrimonio que los regímenes han intentado destruir.

Cobertura internacional:


Reseña en El Periódico de Aragón

This English language interview on The Lamps of Abarracin was broadcast from Madrid by Radio Sefarad and it sounds great! Listen when you've a chance!



«Nosotros ordenamos además en este edicto que los Judíos y Judías cualquiera edad que residan en nuestros dominios o territorios que partan con sus hijos e hijas, sirvientes y familiares pequeños o grandes de todas las edades al fin de Julio de este año y que no se atrevan a regresar a nuestras tierras y que no tomen un paso adelante a traspasar de la manera que si algún Judío que no acepte este edicto si acaso es encontrado en estos dominios o regresa será culpado a muerte y confiscación de sus bienes.»

Del decreto de expulsión promulgado en Granada el 31 de marzo, 1492, existen dos versiones: una, firmada por los dos reyes (y válida para la Corona de Castilla ) y otra, firmada sólo por el rey Fernando, ( válida para la Corona de Aragón.) 






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The Lamps of Albarracín. By Edith Scott Saavedra. ISBN:13: 978-1724787514. $24.95 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 345 pages

The Lamps of Albarracín gives voice to the diverse peoples of late-medieval Aragon – Jews, Muslims, Christians, conversos, and mudéjares. Those were the years leading up to the Expulsion of 1492, when the social contract that had allowed the three faiths to live together in tenuous harmony was coming apart. As an author, I was keen to explore beliefs, identities, and inter-faith friendships and conflicts. The peculiar logic of the Inquisitors and those who supported them. The shock of forced conversion to Catholicism. The dramas of resistance. Stories of ordinary people in extraordinary times.
While this is a historical novel, I do not claim to capture in a single story the complexity of the fragile convivencia of people of different faiths that existed across Iberia in the 1480’s. From such a vast human experience an infinity of stories is possible. This work is in the tradition of the Portuguese saudade—a story of nostalgic longing for a past that witnessed inter-faith friendships as well as enmity. When taught at the elementary level, history shows us how to group people neatly into boxes. What interests me, is the fluidity of human interactions among different groups. I also am passionate about restoring awareness of multicultural heritage, in particular, patrimony that regimes have tried to destroy.
The Lamps of Albarracín has a spiritual subtext. For readers so inclined, it offers an exploration of the Hidden, drawing upon the Zohar, Torah, Talmud, Sephardic Siddur and Commentary, as well as the Quran and the writings of the Muslim poet philosophers of Spain and Persia. As Reyna exclaims, there is so much more to the world than we can ever imagine. Is beauty a revelation? Do our souls shine with the same light? These were spiritual preoccupations of that time. Their relevance today is for you to decide. The lamps in this novel belong to us all.

International coverage: https://www.sfarad.es/los-candiles-del-albarracin/






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Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An Experiential Journey. By Javier Aguirre. ISBN:13: 9781730752667. $20.95 6" x 9" 200 pages.

Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An Experiential Journey. By Javier Aguirre. ISBN: 9781730752667.

Drops of Rain, Drops of Blood: An experiential Journey is a powerful, heart-felt, and realistic articulation of narrative prose and lyrical chants and poems that shed light on the harsh realities of the farm working poor.  The reader will be enthralled  by the stories and poems and by the great hope and optimism of the author who lived through it. From the cotton fields of western Texas to the streets of Juarez, Mexico; from the streets of El Paso to the strawberry fields of Oregon; from the orchards and vineyards of California to the villages and towns of Colombia, South America.


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Voces: A Lyric Anthology de Nuestro Pueblo. Edited by Sylvana Flores Ávila & Javier Rodríguez. ISBN:13: 9781728826721 . $16.95 6" x 9" 144 pages

“This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. This is an anthology of poems and prose, both deeply personal and universal in their tone, compelling in their conveyance of family, culture, love and feelings, hopes, pain and disappointment. Voces: A  Lyric Anthology de Nuestro Pueblo is a collection of literary works written during the Voces writer’s workshops in the fall of 2016. The new pieces of poetry and prose (including a one-act play) were published in chapbook form and released in the winter of 2017.  The strong voices became stronger and the soft voices became roars. They opened up to share their personal stories and writing experiences often describing their fears of writing and exposing themselves to others. One writer said she’d been writing for years, “every chance I could and on any piece of paper”. Another writer told of always writing only to box up her works for years. Now finding the courage to open them and share with the world.








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White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (Wasps) & Mexicans. By Raoul Lowery Contreras. ISBN-13: 9781728697680. $22.95


pictureRaoul Lowery Contreras has written a clearly detailed and documented  response to misguided, if not racist, depictions of Mexicans, Mexican laborers, in particular, and Latinos in general. The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, the former Chairman of the Harvard Political Science Department, Dr. Samuel Huntington, and Professor Emeritus Victor Davis Hanson have laid bare critiques of Mexican immigrants as being the most substantial political and cultural challenge to America.  The latter two wrote scurrilous and intellectually fatuous books and articles that scream racism from the highest levels of academia. Both challenge Mexicans for being unwilling to “assimilate,”  and attack them with scurrilous claims that they refuse to speak English, vilify the Roman Catholic Church and Catholics, and declare that Mexicans are uneducable, even though Hispanic school drop-outs have plunged in numbers and college matriculation has skyrocketed to the point that Hispanics have displaced non-Hispanic Whites in the percentage enrolling in college.








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Lunar Braceros. By Rosaura Sanchez and Beatrice Pita. ISBN-13: 9781726882620. $16.95


picture“It’s like nothing I’ve ever read. Lunar Braceros delivers. It’s a powerful social narrative that creates an alternative imaginative reality and explores the dynamics of space travel in relation to the Américas.”

- Angie Chabram, UC Davis

“I’ve been waiting for this kind of novel for most of my life, a work of science fiction from below, focused on people of color, that takes on big ideas about history, politics, capitalism, philosophy, and science.”
- Curtis Márez, UC San Diego











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New Releases!!!


Rosebud: Population 7. By Erlinda Gonzales-Berry. ISBN: 9781724165008. 6x9 $21.95

Erlinda Gonzales-Berry brings us a story with a penetrating consciousness of the importance of her heritage and in complete control of her characters. This exciting story celebrates the cultural traditions of extended family, religious celebrations, food, customs and language, while also highlighting the delicious similarities that bring us all together. Viola will prove the most important character as the narrator of the novel. She shares with the reader how “the Del Valle family got to Rosebud … is a long story.”










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The Miracles Hands of Alex Solano. Ray Villareal. ISBN:13: 978-0-915745-36-4 $21.95.

Mexican American literature book, Latino literature book, Latino Fiction book, Mexican American barrio life Fiction book, Hispanic literature book

Fifteen-year-old Alex Solano’s grandpa is a faith healer at a large church in Lubbock, Texas. Alex’s mom knows her father is a fraud, which is one of the reasons they’re estranged from him. Alex, however, discovers that unlike his grandpa, he possesses the power to heal.
He and his mom have moved to Dallas to escape his mom’s abusive boyfriend. At his new school, a group of “music nerds,” who is actively involved in music, at school and at church, befriends Alex. Miranda López, the lead singer of the group, is attracted to him, but is disappointed when he refuses to visit their church, saying he doesn’t believe in God. Later, she begins to fear him when she learns about his supernatural ability. If Alex doesn’t believe in God, she wonders, then in whose name is he doing the healing?









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The Short of it all Dreams and Scenes of Memoir Fiction. By Marc Zimmerman. ISBN: 978-1986065597. 190 pgs. $19.95

Latino Fiction, Hispanic literature, Sephardic literature, Latino Jewish--Social life and customs--Fiction

With a gentle tip of his hat to Kafka, Marc Zimmerman presents M, his professor/author protagonist, haunted by problems with his weight and wives, his writing, teaching, ethnicity and performance. Where does all this lead? What can one make of these dreams and scenes of memory fiction?
“If memories are ultimately fiction, no matter how based on our experiences, then, memoirs are inevitably fictional representations of memory; and memoir fictions are the overt reworking of memory into aesthetically honed narratives. Logically, then, memoir dream fictions are somehow the narrations of dreams which throughout or in one moment or another, lead to the intervention, however refracted, of one or another fictional trope or move that gives what we can








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Splendid City. By Terence Clarke. ISBN:13: 978-1725878655. $16.95 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 300 pages

 “Terence Clarke recounts the gripping episode in which Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda, running for his life, escaped from Chile over the Cordillera de los Andes.” LatinoBooks.Net 

“His breathing began to hurry. He was in danger again…the memory of it. ‘Down there, in those far reaches of my country…’ He felt his voice grasping for the occasion, his wish to tell the story. ‘Where events once took me, one must cross…’ He laid a hand on his chest. ‘And I had to cross…’ He took in a breath. ‘The Andes mountains.’”  

Terence Clarke recounts the gripping episode in the life of Pablo Neruda when he escaped from Chile to Argentina over the Cordillera de los Andes. The poet, a member of the Communist Party, literally had to run for his life as he was persecuted and prosecuted by the Radical government of Gabriel González Videla.












Cascarones. By Sylvia Sanchez-Garza. $20.95 ISBN: 978-1724622884. 6" x 9" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 162 pages

Cascarones is a young adult bildungsroman, a coming of age story narrated in a non-linear fashion that revolves around the life of a Mexican American family living in the Rio Grande Valley in Deep South Texas. The main character, Suzy, as well as her family and friends are encircled by rich traditions and culture of the region, shaping who she becomes. There are many beautiful people depicted in this novel who helped transform Suzy. The narrative shifts from present to the past to connect the reader with cultural traditions that changed through the years. It exposes how Easter was and is currently celebrated in the Rio Grande Valley and growing up during the sixties and seventies as a Mexican American amidst discriminatory undertones.  








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Eden to Orizaba. By Jerry Wilson. ISBN:13: 978-1726019590. $23.95 6x9 266 pages

In Jerry Wilson’s novel Eden to Orizaba, two journeys intersect at an immigration checkpoint north of the US-Mexico border in February 2009. Desperate to provide for his family and his young wife Maria, Pablo has fled the valley of his birth at the foot of Orizaba, Mexico’s highest peak, a valley ravaged by a million Smithfield Farms hogs and the swine flu epidemic they have brought. Lantry is headed the other way, dodging the wreckage of his life in Dallas and the alcoholism that has destroyed his marriage and his journalist job. Pablo gets two years in a private prison in Eden, Texas. Lantry’s stumbling quest takes him to Mexico City, and eventually to Orizaba, where after a harrowing night on the mountain, he finds and falls in love with Pablo’s wife. The two men’s paths will cross again ten months later—after Pablo’s daring escape from Eden and his return to Orizaba.  









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The Avocado Aviator=El aviador del aguacate. Written, illustrated and translated to Spanish by Oscar Loubriel. ISBN:13: 978-1723143465. $17.95 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) Full Color Bleed on White paper 32 pages

Allen is a young boy who lives in a vegetable farm. He has a very wild imagination and his best friends are the farm animals. He dreams of planting and growing avocados against all odds.


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The Corner Queen: La Loca de La Esquina. A Romance and a Revolution. By Carlos T. Mock. ISBN:13: 978-1723316036. $23.95

In 1950 The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party organized a series of uprisings that took place in various Puerto Rican cities on October 30th. The uprisings were suppressed by strong ground and air military force. For most Americans, these events are unknown. For most Puerto Ricans, they are but another blood stain on our path to nationhood. 
‘The Corner Queen -- La Loca de la Esquina: A Romance and a Revolution’ narrates the events preceding the revolt -- from March to November of 1950 -- from the point of view of a drag queen who innocently gets involved with Julio, a student revolutionary. 
“Una mezcla de historia, humor y sátira. No se puede soltar...... El trasfondo histórico tiene un valor incalculable y la capacidad de comprender la realidad de la persona ‘gay’ en una sociedad homofóbica es maravillosa.” Dra. Gloria Mock. Sexóloga. Autora de “Sexualidad: Sus Conceptos Básicos” 

“Loved the storyline. Dr. Mock is excellent at creating believable characters, characters I care about, and he does a beautiful job building suspense. I really knew nothing about Puerto Rican history, so I think the historical context is fascinating. And I love the way he interweaved the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca with the narrative. He has a very engaging style. It reminded me of Gabriel García-Márquez -- there’s a lot of humor packed into his descriptions. I think the book would make a wonderful film -- I imagine Pedro Almodovar as director. Dr Mock writes cinematically and vividly.” 
Dr. Ross Slotten, MD. Author of “The Heretic in Darwin’s Court; The Life of Alfred Russell Wallace” 




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Sandino on the Border. By Marc Zimmerman. ISBN:13: 978-1722660802. $22.95

A sequel to his Lines on the Border (2017), Marc Zimmerman’s new book centers on his protagonist Ben’s relation to Helena, a Nicaraguan woman, and her search for personal and professional growth in the context of the Central American struggle during the Cold War on the U.S.-Mexican border and beyond—all in the shadow of Nicaraguan national hero, César Augusto Sandino.  

Book I follows Ben’s growing involvement with Helena and her efforts to win back her son who is kidnapped by her estranged husband. Book II tells of Helena’s family: an uncle, who coordinates Sandinista-related border crossings; a mother, who smuggles clothes from San Diego to Mexico City; an aunt who fails to keep her son’s family from falling apart in L.A.; a son who moves from the Californias to Minnesota; a grandmother smuggled across the border and expressing wonder at the world she beholds. 











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Life Renewed. By Rudy H. García. ISBN:13: 978-1722656799. $22.95

The inspiration and composition for this book of poems came from three vital sources in my life. My lovely wife Rita Catalina, our four Beautiful daughters; Risa Eulogia, Maria Magdalena III, Marisa Natalí, Carisa Che, our four granddaughters, Gia, Iris, Maya, Alejandra and my faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. 

The book has three parts. Part one is poems of love. They came from the profound love I have for my darling Rita. Perhaps it was fate, I cannot say for certain, but I can recall having a real strong gravitation to her since childhood. We were twenty-three when we married; we are fifty-nine now, and the love I feel for her grows stronger with the passage of time. 

Part two has poems for our daughters and children. Each one of them owns the whole of my heart. I have been asked more than once the common question that people ask fathers who have more than one child, “Which one of your daughters is your favorite?” My reply is always the same. They are each my favorite. I can honestly say that the love and affection I have for them is without bounds. 





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The Spectacle of Let: The Soul of a Miracle. By Samuel Zamarripa. ISBN:13: 978-1986284998 $23.95

Romance writer Alicia Caliópa Almeida has come to Mexico to complete a story, an unfinished novel by her late husband, Otto Cristóbal Almeida. From a balcony overlooking the ancient city of Veracruz, she stares into the distance, imagining an end to a story she did not begin, determined to unravel truth from fiction. 
An intimate memoir and tale within a tale, The Spectacle of Let – the Soul of a Miracle, retraces the emotional journey of Alicia through the pain of an untimely death, the angst of carnal betrayal, and the rise of her irrepressible intuition—an inkling that Otto’s incomplete book, The Voice of the Looking Mountains, is not what it seems. 
An impromptu invitation to an extravagant nineteenth-century mansion confirms Alicia’s suspicion and introduces an inimitable cast of Otto’s fanciful characters, brimming with incredible yarns. Raffa Portuondo, the Man of Laughter. Alejandro, a fetching Mexican specter, and Lemoore David, the septuagenarian healer and confidant of Otto’s enigmatic heroine, Niva Miramontes. 

In her quest to resolve the truth of Otto’s manuscript, Alicia turns inward and discovers her conclusion. It is an ending inspired by a palsied Abbot, a gatekeeper who guides her to a furtive moment, through the wonder and unspeakable soul of a miracle, and to the story’s astonishing end.




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Ikons of the Past: Poetry of the Hispanic Americas . Edited and translated by Robert Lima. ISBN:13: 978-1717311498. $19.95

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing anthology; rather, it represents personal choices I made on encountering the poets and poems in the original Spanish. These are poems by poets from colonial times into the twentieth century that I’ve enjoyed reading over many years: poets and poems that I treasure and now have bonded with through translation. Many of the poems have been published in books, journals and periodicals. Some of the poets are represented by more selections than others: simply a matter of the impact made on me by the selected pieces. 
These are poems that I wish others to enjoy through my interpretation in English of each poet’s view of the human condition. 

ROBERT LIMA, award-winning poet, internationally-recognized critic, bibliographer, playwright and translator, is Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Comparative Literatures at The Pennsylvania State University, as well as Fellow Emeritus of the Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies.



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Museum of Broken Relationships: A Cuban Saga. By Beatriz Rivera. ISBN: 978-1985576551 $23.95

Latino literature, Sephardic Latino Fiction, Sephardic Latina Fiction, Sephardic literature, Hispanic Fiction, Latino Fiction, Sephardic Fiction, Cuban Sephardic Jews settling in the U.S., Hispanic Jews Life and customs, Sephardic Fiction, Hispanic Jews Fiction, Spain Expulsion of Sephardic Jews Fiction, Sephardic immigration, Sephardic Women literature, Sephardim social conditions,

In Upper Town Zagreb (Croatia), near the funicular’s stop at the top, there is a exhibition hall called the Museum of Broken Relationships. That was the inspiration for the title of this novel. True to its name, this institution is a collection of objects left behind after a relationship ends: one stiletto perhaps, or a stuffed caterpillar, or a song such as If you leave me now played over and over again. 
"Broken Relationships" is the story of three generations of a Cuban family. It wants to begin around 1904 and continues to the present day. It takes place in Havana, in Miami, in New York State, and in Jerusalem. It also has many flashbacks: from Granada, Spain, to the Canary Islands, to Leysin, Switzerland, to Paris, France. 






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 José Gorostiza: Collected Poems. By José Gorostiza, Edited and translated by M. W. Jacobs.  ISBN-13: 978-1985830257 226 pages $22.95
Poetry / Caribbean & Latin American, Mexican Poetry, Hispanic poetry

José Gorostiza’s poetry is “the most… concentrated of modern poetry in Spanish,” according to renowned Mexican poet and Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz. Hence, this thin volume of collected poems, which, nevertheless, has as much poetry as many bulkier tomes. It’s just that here, the poetry is concentrated in fewer poems. 










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We Were Raza. By Beto Conde. ISBN:13: 978-1981246335. $23.95


These stories are intended to paint local life as it was for many of us growing up in the barrios of South Texas and other border areas. Some dismiss this “barrio life” as unimportant or inconsequential because it wasn’t their experience growing up or because of their perception of it as being a negative experience. Delve into these stories and share an experience that is prevalent all over the southwest. Those who have lived it will relate, those who didn’t, I invite you to share it with us.  
With these simple short stories, Beto Conde, a latecomer to the Chicano literature scene, delves deeply into the world he grew up in. In an non-apologetic tone for who he was and who he is, Conde reveals the everyday life he once knew and loves. Third, fourth generation Mexican Americans that have mainstreamed away from the past ways of their forefathers may not relate but should look at it as their history nevertheless.  





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Nueva California: Volume I. By Todd Cook. ISBN-13: 978-1984277886 $23.95
6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper. 230 pages















Nueva California: Volume II. By Todd Cook. ISBN-13: 978-1984279620 $23.95
6" x 9" Black & White on Cream paper. 338 pages













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Nueva California: Volumes I & II. By Todd Cook. ISBN-13: 978-1984279620 and ISBN-13: 978-1984277886 $35.95

In 1775, young Diego Soberanes is considered one of the greatest and most charismatic singers to ever grace the stages of Mexico City. But a scandalous affair with a powerful officer’s wife forces Diego to flee to remote Nueva California. There, Diego takes refuge at Mission San Carlos Borromeo, where he will serve under his spiritual idol, Father Junípero Serra. Though he believes he will soon return to the lights and glamour of Mexico City, it is not to be. Over the remainder of his 102-year life in Nueva California, Diego will experience love, tragedy and redemption, even as his life parallels the rise and fall of the California missions.










Palabras sumergidas. By Luz Stella Mejía. ISBN-13: 978-1984273505. $12.95

6" x 9"Black & White on Cream paper 70 pages

Poetry / American / Hispanic American, Latino poetry, Latin American poetry

Luz Stella trata de cosas cotidianas pero las trata desde una perspectiva personal y literaria que nos provoca un profundo sentimiento y a pesar de que estas palabras vienen desde afuera parece que llegaran desde nosotros mismos. Pienso que esa característica de toda gran poesía es central en el trabajo poético de Luz Stella Mejía. Empatía es una de las características de estos poemas que nos conectan a través de lo bello y de las profundas verdades que es capaz de arrastrar la belleza cuando danza a media luz con la ética.” Amado Láscar, poeta, escritor y profesor de la Universidad de Ohio.









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Kidnapped by Columbus. Marc Wilson. ISBN: 978-1981434329 $23.95

Christopher Columbus wanted to prove he’d reached the edge of India. So, when he returned to Spain in 1493, he brought samples of gold, exotic plants, strange birds, and six Taíno “Indians” to the court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. “Kidnapped by Columbus” is the fictional—largely accurate—historical account of the “Indians’” voyage to the Old World told through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old Native American. Columbus and his “Indians” returned to Spain at the height of the Inquisition, in the wake of the expulsion of all Jews and the final defeat of Islam in Europe. The “Indians” encounter some of the most prominent figures in history—Isabella and Ferdinand, Grand Inquisitor Tomás Torquemada, Catherine of Aragón, the ill-fated Prince Juan, and Pope Rodrigo Borgia, who issues Papal Bulls changing the boundaries of the Western Hemisphere to this day. 

“This cinematic novel contributes greatly to the debate over how the historical figure of Christopher Columbus should be judged today. It’s a captivating read that serves as an interesting introduction to the time when the Spanish Empire was ascendant, detailing an exciting event that is under-reported by history. It puts the reader into the shoes of a native who was controversially plucked from the shores of the New World and taken to the Old World, as the globe shifted from the Pre-Columbian Era to Post-Columbian Times. But most of all it’s an arresting page-turner and a good old fashioned action-packed adventure tale.”—Robert Silverman, Editor-in-Chief, StatePoint Media, Inc. 





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Alba Walking in the Shadows. By Denis O'Leary. 978-1977532084. 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper. 310 pages $23.95

Ladino Hispanic Memoir book, Hispanic literature book, Latino literature book, Mexican Mixteco American biography

A newborn baby is found dead in a California strawberry field. The tragedy brings dismay in the community and surprisingly a phone call from the Sheriff’s Department to a sixth-grade school teacher asking for help to decipher the mystery of such inexplicable demise. Based on a true story, the school teacher, author Denis O’Leary, tells how he dived into the search for the perpetrator and the meaning of what caused the newborn to be left to die in the mud. He narrates the riveting story of Alba Walking in the Shadows as well as the response and inner workings of the Mixteco indigenous community in the United States. With the help of an elder Unitarian Minister, a homeless journalist, and a group of retired Catholic Nuns, O’Leary navigates through issues of social taboos and legal justice in the case of Alba, and later of a second Mixteco mother charged with the death of her infant son. The rollercoaster events, relationships, and legal system maneuvers unfolded to surprising conclusions in the California Central Coast. Prejudices, perceptions, truths, and lies all come together in the events that followed the Mixteco women charged in the killing of their babies; lives lost, one freed, and future lives saved. 






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Reinventing the Wheel. By Nathan Belisle. ISBN:978-1979013598. $23.95. 6" x 9" 292 pages

Latino Hispanic literature book, Hispanic literature book, Latino literature book, Mexican life and custom Fiction

This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
www.FloricantoPress. com 

When they were five, Po wanted to be a Jedi and DP, Batman. It’s not clear as adults if those aspirations have ever changed. 
The cousins and best friends haven’t seen each other in five years, not for ill will, although the last time they were together ended in a fist fight in Mexico, but for DP choosing to live in Minnesota while Po chose south and on to Brazil to explore his father’s native land. 

DP might have a hang-up for politics while Po has always been pestered by religion. Two maladies they are both on the path to remedy. Unbeknownst to them, they are being considered for initiation into an order, a mysterious order of which little is known in the first installment of this series but only hinted at. 
Healthier passions the two share are hard drinking, heavy rock n roll, surf and travel. DP hates when Po mentions lizards or talking deer, but just because he has an aversion to the discussion doesn’t make them any less manifest.  
After the loss of his post as journalism professor at a small community college in Northern Minnesota matched with graver events, DP grows each day more anxious to check up on his cousin who has always been somewhat of a wildcard and whose mental health may have been at certain times questionable. 

And questions are exactly what have gnawed at Po. Po is usually drinking and along with that has the custom of toasting. Definitely one of his favorite to raise a glass to comes courtesy of Edgar Allan Poe that “Mysteries force a man to think, and so injure his health.”  

The two should do just fine once they reconnect and get back on the path they have been groomed for and lead to. Their cosmos is set to expand with the admission and submission to the prospect that they know little of what lies but one ring in, one ring out.  

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Pásale, a Novel. By Melissa Villa-Nicholas and Tina Villa-Nicholas. ISBN:978-1981331581. $17.95. 6" x 9" 144 pages

Latino Hispanic Bildungsroman book, Hispanic literature book, Latino literature book, Mexican American Roman à clef





Pásale is a Roman à clef novella, a journey through two Latinas’ lives, and their mission of recovery of their culture and language. This novel speaks to many Latina/os, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural people in the United States who have grown up in two worlds and struggled to embrace their multi-faceted experiences. In the diversifying United States, this novel is for those looking to read more about race relations and growing up ‘different’ in this country.  
Melissa Villa-Nicholas & Tina Nicholas break open the piñata and out pours the primas and tías; the fragments of our shared culture as Latinos. Our story is passed from generation to generation by the written word. This mother-daughter observation gives the reader insight into the deep family love that is at the heart of Chicano life. —Fred Rivera, Author of the Pulitzer nominated Raw Man 





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Told From The Hips = Cuentos Encaderados. Bilingual Edition. By Andrea Amosson. ISBN :978-1981336685. 190 pages 6"x9" $17.95

Latino Hispanic short-story book, Hispanic literature book, Latino literature book, Chilean American Fiction

ANDREA MALUENDA AMOSSON was born in Antofagasta, Chile, in 1973. She studied journalism and completed graduate studies in Hispano-American and Chilean Literature from University of Chile. She has written two novels, Rictus and Las Lunas de Atacama, and two short story collections, Cuentos Encaderados/Told From The Hips and Érase una vez Laurides. Andrea has won several literary awards in the U.S.A., Spain and Colombia. She resides in Texas with her husband and two sons. 

Told From The Hips = Cuentos encaderados is a Spanish/English bilingual collection of short stories that feature strong women. Their solid “hips” help them endure and overcome a variety of physical and emotional challenges. These women come from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Their stories are inscribed upon their skin with sweat and blood, turning their bodies into the pages narrating their lives. 
“Amosson’s short story collection gives its readers a break from the fairy tales and views the lives of its characters from a place of resourcefulness, resilience, and self-awareness--all with a particular Latin American cultural perspective.“—The Dallas Observer







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The Camp by Ralph Inzunza. ISBN:978-1548274757. $23.95. 6" x 9"

282 pages

Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Latino Fiction Book

The Camp is a novel inspired by real events, and the story emerges from many conversations with inmates, whom had received ten, fifteen, and twenty-year sentences for non-violent offenses at the Atwater Federal Prison Camp in Central California. The protagonist is a law and order, nerdy politician, former Deputy Mayor of a large California city, who goes to prison for “dishonest service of government,” and is feeling sorry for himself until the minute he steps inside the fence. El Mayor, as he was called by the inmates, narrates for us first-hand the unfair plight that many of his fellow Paisas, Chicano inmates, are suffering, and the impact of incarceration on working class families of color in America. As the only person of Mexican descent at the camp with a college degree, who had never smoked a “joint” in his life, he begins to transform in order to survive, and eventually extract his own judicial revenge. 


Ralph Inzunza tells a complex, semi-autobiographical tale of a college educated, Mexican American former politician who spent a two-year-jail term with other Mexican Americans, Paisas—short for Paisano—who are doing much longer-jail time for non-violent crimes. The narrative, at first focuses on the Mayor’s –his nom de la prison–self-realization that his previous life was abruptly destroyed and thrown into literally a cell and bunking with strangers. Then, the Mayor’s survival instincts and political skills lead him to gain respect among his peers and become the consiglieri in situs. Next, he describes the prison bureaucracy, which created a massive set of rules to protect itself, dominate, and dehumanize the imprisoned population, but keenly aware that will spend as long, if not longer time in the prison system than the inmates. The Mayor is touched, not by the dehumanizing brutality of the imprisonment, but by the dichotomic views of the prisoners whose truncated lives stopped when they entered jail and their hopes and dreams to reiniate it again are to begin one or two decades into the future, at the time of their release. So, their present is their nightmare; they make themselves numb to their existence for it is immaterial, worthless, hopeless. Ralph Inzunza’s first novel makes the reader realize how fragile life can be and how people manage to survive a dialectical relationship as those of the inmate and his guard bound to spend decades together without any consideration for each other. LatinoBooks.Net










Dique Dominican. By Ayendy Bonifacio. ISBN:978-1976456220. $16.95. 6" x 9" 152 pages

Ladino Hispanic Memoir book, Hispanic literature book, Latino literature book, Dominican American biography

“These times demand such acts of courage and skill." —Ana Castillo, author of The Mixquiahuala Letters, So Far From God, and Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma  
"Dique Dominican is a candid, often moving account of what it was like for a Dominican-American to grow up in East New York . . . His story takes us back to his childhood in a small farm town near Juncalito, about 160 kilometers north of Santo Domingo, records his life in his hood and his move to Ohio in order to continue with his studies. As the author illustrates his family dynamics, the reality of his community, and his attempt to negotiate his way between English and Spanish, sharing with us, at the same time, his personal trajectory, ambitions, and reflections, Ayendy Bonifacio always keeps his own lucidity in front of pain, discrimination, and violence. Never overstated, his account is like a whisper which, however, forcefully demands to be heard.” —Maria Cristina Fumagalli, author of Caribbean Perspectives on Modernity: Returning Medusa's Gaze and On the Edge: Writing the Border Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

“Language is home—and isn’t. It makes room for us, allowing us comfort. Or it proscribes us, sending us into the vertigo of exile. In Dique Dominican, [Bonifacio] gets lost and found as he navigates the interstices where words struggle for meaning. A courageous, Babel-like journey!” —Ilan Stavans, author of On Borrowed Words: A Memoir of Language and general editor of The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature. 



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Italian Daze. By Marc Zimmerman. ISBN:978-1976242571. $24.95. 6" x 9" 282 pages

Ladino Hispanic Sephardic book, Sephardic literature book, Latino Sephardic literature book

“This book follows the Italian American and Italian strands of my shifting days, my overall daze—the hazy, but sometimes dazzling (at times amazing) maze of my wayward ways.” Marc Zimmerman 
The Italian Daze portrays the Italian American and Italian connections of a Jewish American in the course of his wandering life. The book opens with a catalog of Italian foods, cultural actors, heroes and villains, etc., culminating with a litany of Italian and Jewish Americans. Next come four parts reviewing early loves, travels with an Italian American wife, and subsequent encounters. Depicting key Italian locales, the book includes some of the most acute Italian paradoxes, including Fascism, the Holocaust, the mafia, possible afro-phobia, and recent turns in Italian politics. A final coda portrays additional Italian encounters, a series of public demonstrations, and our aging hero’s final dream of being lost and dazed in the maze that is Rome and Italy. 



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Lines on the Border. By Marc Zimmerman. ISBN: 978-1545439739 226 pages $23.95

Latino Fiction, Hispanic literature, Sephardic literature, Latino--Social life and customs--Fiction, Mexico Social life Fiction, U.S.-Mexico border--Social life--Fiction


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
Crossing the border between short story collection and novel, this book portrays the evolution of the protagonist, Ben, a young and confused Jewish American, through his interactions with friends, lovers, and others on and beyond the San Diego-Tijuana crossing point. Lines on the Border depicts failed romances, repeated journeys south, moments of colonial and sexual exploitation, of repeated errors and re-adjustments, in an uneven search for genuine contact and understanding. Written with humor, irony and a feel for border pain, Lines is a gift for fiction lovers and those interested in Mexican border themes long before the current deportation raids and talks of building a wall. 

“Zimmerman’s long involvement with Latino and Latin American concerns has given him so many stories to tell. His new book captures the melancholic, magical moments that borders create.” Carolina Rivera Escamilla. Salvadoran L.A. writer--author of …after… 

“A very personal but insightful view of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands in the Age of Aquarius.” Mario T. Garcia, Distinguished Prof. of Chicano Studies & History, UCSB. Author of Literature as History: Autobiography, Testimonio, and The Novel in the Chicano and Latino Experience. 






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The One of a Kind. By David Montoya. Edited by Donald Elder. ISBN:978-1973725961. $14.95. 6" x 9" 130 pages

Biography Latino Hispanic book, Chicano literature book, Latino literature book, Latino memoir Book

This book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com 
While the United States has taken great strides towards equality since the end of the Second World War, some citizens have found that journey more tortuous than others. David Montoya, a lifelong resident of New Mexico, certainly falls into that category. After a relatively uneventful childhood spent in northern New Mexico, his life changed dramatically at the age of eleven when his family relocated to the eastern part of the state. For the first time in his life, he faced overt and often violent hostility because of his ethnicity. Refusing to accept the discriminatory attitudes prevalent at the time simply, David decided instead to live life on his terms. Facing numerous obstacles along the way—including a period of incarceration in the New Mexico State Penitentiary—David managed to become a skilled craftsman and respected member of the community of Portales, New Mexico. Supported by his family and sustained by his faith, David Montoya stands as an example of how an American citizen can help to overcome prejudice and help move the nation closer to a true equality for all. Dr. Donald Elder 



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Two Eagles. By Rudy H. García. ISBN:978-1973748113. $23.95. 6" x 9" 196 pages

Poetry Latino Hispanic book, Chicano literature poetry book, Latino literature book, Latino poetry Book, Hispanic poetry book

The book of poems Two Eagles, speaks to the life experiences of Rudy H. García encompassing four chronological stages from childhood memories, immigration issues, educational experiences, and values of hope, faith, and love. The title, Two Eagles, symbolizes the Mexican Golden Eagle and the American Bald Eagle, was chosen by the author to depict his Mexican-American culture and heritage while also captivating the essence of the real life experiences growing up on the border of these two great nations, the United States of America and Mexico. The love of these two countries comes from daily exposure and fluent use of two languages, English and Spanish, and his appreciation for foods, music, and television with family and friends of these two ethnicities meaning everything “All-American” and Mexican. The total immersion in these both great cultures in the author’s life made it impossible to separate the two. Hence, accepting the demographic identity of being Mexican-American proudly enjoying fully, the best of two worlds.  


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Latino LGBT New Releases



Lecturas del corazón. By Vladimir Jiménez Dumont. ISBN:978-1975917203. $23.95. 6" x 9" 218 pages

Latino Hispanic LGBT book, Chicano LGBT literature book, Latino LGBT literature book, Latino LGBT Fiction Book, Hispanic LGBT fiction book

This Spanish book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com 
This Spanish novel sheds light on the reality of joy and pain brought by an amorous triangle where deceit, love and emotions spice the lives of three gay youngsters in search of true love. 
Sabiendo que en realidad sigues siendo el mismo noble ser pero airado por tantos golpes en el corazón. Eleazar cuenta con tan solo diecinueve años de edad, en los cuales ha rodado de aquí para allá, y sin medida alguna; él es un pan de dios, apenas se coloca en una empresa de lecturistas donde se topará con Roberto, aun cuando él cuenta con su pareja actual a su lado Esteban, quien será la terrible gota que derramará el vaso de su vida. Ya que después de una última traición el tierno Eleazar se convierte en un terrible monstruo que todo lo que toca lo destruye, así aniquilando a todos y cada uno de los integrantes de la empresa de una forma distinta por burlarse de él pero sobre todo de Roberto, así poco a poco hasta mandar la empresa a la bancarrota causando terribles daños en todos sus contornos. Para que finalmente todo tome su lugar otra vez y se entere de que a él y a Roberto hay algo más que los ha mantenido unidos desde siempre, con esto Eleazar recibe un golpe muy duro cayendo el mismo en su propia destrucción y ahora tendrá que pagar un precio muy alto por todo el daño que les causó a todos los que lo rodeaban.

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Mama Mireya. By Maricarmen Lemley, Illustrated by Ronald W. Lemley. ISBN:978-1976540653.

8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm) Full Color on White paper 36 pages

Latino Hispanic LGBTChildren's book, Chicano LGBT Children's book, Latino LGBT Children's book, Latino LGBT Book, Hispanic LGBT Children's book

This Spanish bilingual book is published by Floricanto Press. www.FloricantoPress.com 
Mamá Mireya es una historia ficción sobre Ulises, un niño huérfano. Es una historia llena de circunstancias y es narrada por su amigo Raúl, que comienza relativamente feliz en el Distrito de La Misión de San Francisco, en donde Ulises vive con Mireya, su madre adoptiva. Mireya es una buena madre, pero ella es diferente. Esta historia reúne temas como bullying, soledad y amistad. 

It is a fictional account of the life of a boy named Ulysses, who has been neglected and then orphaned under very stressful circumstances. The story, narrated by his friend Raul, begins during a relatively happy time, at the Mission District of San Francisco. Ulysses lives with his adopted mother, Mireya, who is a very good mother in her way. This story connects themes such as bullying, loneliness, and friendship. 

Mamá Mireya, a transgender adoptive parent—a he who becomes a she—adopts and rescues Ulysses, a small boy, from abandonment and neglect. Ulysses is thrilled to have the nicest mother in the entire world and learns from her about gender identity in an age-appropriate way. Mireya’s kindness and strength to speak her truth, be who she is, inspires Ulysses to have the integrity and fortitude to stand against bullying and denigrating accusations at school. Ulysses learns to love the mother he has, not the mother he thought he was going to get. This book brings an important message of respect and inclusion for all. LatinoBook.net



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Juan y las Habichuelas. Authored and illustrated by Maricarmen and Ron W. Lemley. ISBN: 978-1548319267. $14.95. 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 34 pages Color on White paper

Children's Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano children's literature, Latino children's literature, Hispanic children's Fiction Book, Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / United States / Hispanic & Latino children's book, Jack and the Beanstalk (Spanish), Children Comics & Graphic Novels / Fantasy

Authored by Ron W. Lemley, Authored by Maricarmen Lemley, Illustrated by Ron W. Lemley, Illustrated by Maricarmen Lemley. Este libro es editado por Floricanto Press. Ron W. y Maricarmen Lemley son los autores e ilustradores de este cuento clásico Juan y las habichuelas (Jack and the Beanstalk ), pero con una inclinación latina. Esta es la historia de un muy buen muchachito, Juan Carlos, cuya madre le encarga vender en el mercado la pobre vaca que tenían, con el objeto de poder subsistir. Juan Carlos, en vez de vender la vaca al mejor precio, como su madre le había pedido, hace un trueque con la vaca, la cambia por cinco habichuelas mágicas. Estas habichuelas, arrojadas a la tierra, se transforman en un cuento fantástico, lleno de aventuras, buena voluntad y esperanzas. www.LatinoBook.Net 


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The Little Refugee. Authored and illustrated by Jon Clark. ISBN:978-1546642916. $14.95. 8.5 x 8.5. color, 34 pgs.

Children's Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano children's literature, Latino children's literature, Latinochildren's Fiction Book, Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / United States / Hispanic & Latinochildren's book


This book is published by Floricanto Press. Ana–which spelled backwards is “Ana”, by the way–doesn't know what a refugee is but she does miss her home in Venezuela where she had friends, and loved eating arepas! Join her on her journey to make new ones–arepas and friends in America. This is a fun and heartfelt story.  

Jon Clark, the author and illustrator, met a Venezuelan refugee family and was inspired to write and illustrate this profoundly sincere story of a little girl caught between her roots and awakening to the new, welcoming, and friendly place in America. Jon does not dwell in the fears and preoccupations of a young newcomer but rather in an uplifting hope for her future in America. This book deeply touches the heart and soul what has always meant "coming to America." www.LatinoBook.Net


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Cuban Seeds. By Louis Villalba. ISBN: 978-1541185524 208 pages. $24.95

Hispanic Biography, Latino Biography, Cuban American Biography, Cuban American literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latinos--Social life and customs, Cuban American Social life and customs



Chelo fled Cuba in search of freedom in 1961. Born in a small village near Havana in 1921, she married Adolfo Llano in 1944. The couple resided in Artemisa, the cradle of the Cuban Revolution of 1959. They came in contact with some of its most prominent leaders and endured the cruel communist tyranny, which ended their prosperity and cut short their bliss. The Llanos left the island empty-handed. Chelo’s steel-forged nerves and resourcefulness steered her family to success in their new world. It would have been easier to be a fake revolutionary like Fidel Castro—who used deception and wielded a gun to suppress the free will of his people—than be a real fighter and do what she did day after day. Her life stood out as a monument to Cuban tenacity. History books did not record the events because she had lacked political ambitions and had not tortured or killed anyone. Yet, her anonymity would have been an irreparable loss. 

When does a memoir become, not only an individual’s tale, but a testimony of historical events? When the narration weaves dramatic personal stories within a country’s history, and when each historical event as it evolved impacted on people lives and destinies. Louis Villalba’s “Cuban Seeds” tells an astonishing tale centered on Chelo, a politically quiet and a towering figure, and the Llanos family, whose struggles against a Communist dictatorship and yearnings for freedom led them to America in 1961. This book is highly recommended. www.LatinoBooks.Net 




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The Spectacle of Let: The Oliet & Obit. By Samuel Zamarripa. ISBN:978-1546370796. $24.95. 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 354 pages Black & White on Cream paper

Fiction Latino Hispanic, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Latino Fiction Book

Open Samuel Zamarripa’s debut novel, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit, and embark on a literary journey through the imaginative work of his protagonist, Otto Cristóbal Almeida, and his mysterious manuscript, The Voice of the Looking Mountains, a book within a book.

Almeida has a fantastic story to tell about Creation and the first spoken word of God. It is a tale spun from the boundless stories of his numinous paramour, Niva Miramontes, who speaks with uncommon conviction. “In the beginning,” she insists, “God said ‘Let,’ and the rest is just a spectacle.”   
From a mysterious monastery in Veracruz, Mexico, to an overnight cruise on the majestic Hudson River, Miramontes reveals her heavenly gift of parable. Weaving together the generational saga of the Portuondo family—their salacious past and their journey to redemption—Niva’s tales captivate Otto.   

Overwhelmed by Niva’s spellbinding words, Otto falls into the clutches of an Oliet—a dream’s dream, a place where fiction invades life, yielding truth of a different kind. His book languishes and finally lands on the desk of his brooding editor, L. Rand Bonarias, who plunges into the unfinished manuscript and discovers that while Otto’s love story may be a literary gimmick, his unbelievable account of the story of Creation and Niva Miramontes is more than artful prose.  
A gospel of fantastic spirituality and abiding love, The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit, reimagines the marvel of Creation and the unbound possibilities of a single word.



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Gorgaroth. By Miguel Ángel Páez Muñoz. ISBN: 978-1514291160 . $20.95.


The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, la veneradísima Real Academia de la Lengua, the institution that protects Castillian from barbarians and linguistic rebels, must be up in arms!! Miguel Ángel Páez Muñoz is not only a creative writer of the first order, but also he is someone who makes the story and the characters the center of his literary creations, not the Spanish language, the Castillian, per se, rather it becomes just a fluid, compliant, and convenient vehicle to transport his ideas. This author takes the Spanish syntax, morphology, and linguistic conventions and throw them out the window, however his words are clear, his stories are funny and enthralling. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net.


“Qué bello el bilingüismo, la lengua inglesa, esas runas modernas que esconden tantos secretos, recovecos, acertijos, muñequitas rusas unas dentro de otras, misterios de sociólogo patrio.”  - JORGE LUIS BORGES

“Sí, es verdad, me inspiré en Gorgaroth para el personaje del coronel Aureliano Buendía. Tienen la misma mística del olor del mar caribe. Sé que es difícil de entender, pero el espacio-tiempo tiene esas curvas.”– GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ hasta arriba de Prozac

“Prefiero a Jack Skeleton, es más goth. Pero una versión de Hollywood dirigida por Tim Burton no estaría nada mal.” - LUCÍA SOLAZ FRASQUET
“¿Gorgaroth? ¿En qué libro de la saga saqué este personaje? Porque seguro que es mío. Ya ni me acuerdo de cuántos metí en Una Canción de Hielo y Fuego. ¿Me está plagiando el tal Páez éste?”  - GEORGE R.R. MARTIN

    “Una memorable lectura repleta de amenas líneas e imágenes para recordar, como la del divertido sacrificio  de la chica en la iglesia en Cabo de Gata.”  - GOATS HEAD LITERARY REVIEW

    “Este libro no debería ser leído en público, por el ridículo que pueda el lector pasar al emitir sonoras risotadas. Recuerden tan solo a María la Rusa conduciendo el tanque por Albox.”  - PERRANG  NEWS

    “Ya en serio, este es un libro muy malvado, más que cualquier otro en la Historia del Mundo. Sin exagerar. Me decapito de pensar en él.”  - BLACK  SATURDAY  TIMES
    “No solo divertidísimo, sino también informativo y lleno de rigurosa perspectiva sobre el underground doom y death noruego, esos temas tan atractivos que el insondable gran público demanda constantemente, pues… ¿quién sabía lo de la novia del componente de Mayhem? Yo no.” - INDEPENDENT ON MONDAY










Jubilación: guía para fortalecer su futuro. By P. C. Peñaloza. ISBN: 978-1545446133 90 pages $12.95

Latino Business & Economics, Latino Personal Finance, Latino Retirement Planning, Hispanic Non Fiction, Hispanic Wealth creation and management, Latino Spanish Books, Latino Jubilación y retiro, Latino Finanzas personales Jubilación

This book is published by Floricanto Press.  Los avances de la medicina han incrementado la longevidad de las personas, por lo que es común que estas vivan hasta los 80 años de edad e inclusive más. Asimismo, la mayoría de la gente trata de jubilarse, esto es dejar de trabajar, después de los sesenta años de edad, lo cual resulta en jubilaciones que duran de 20 a 30 años. 
Este hecho plantea una serie de cuestionamientos: 
o   ¿Cómo quiero jubilarme: con austeridad, con pobreza, con  dignidad, o con abundancia? 
o   ¿Cuándo me puedo jubilar?  
o   ¿Qué voy a hacer del resto de mi vida de jubilado?  
o   ¿Con qué voy a sostenerme durante mi jubilación? 
Esta obra es una guía básica para que usted pueda responder, con conocimiento, estas preguntas, y sobre todo para que pueda implementar una o varias estrategias que lo lleven a su meta de jubilación. 

La información se presenta de manera clara y concisa para que usted conozca los componentes fundamentales de toda jubilación en los Estados Unidos de América, y de esta manera esté en condiciones de planear, en forma oportuna, las acciones que debe emprender para lograr el éxito de su jubilación. 

El camino hacia una exitosa jubilación se presenta en tres fases: La primera fase abarca el periodo de acumulación de ahorro; La segunda fase abarca las reglas y opciones que afectan los beneficios que recibiremos en nuestra jubilación, y la tercera fase trata acerca de las formas de implementar su jubilación.












Rock and Roll Por Vida: Hispanics In Rock, Metal, and My Journey. By Manuel Hernandez Alzaga, Edited by Leyla Namazie

ISBN: 978-1544896984 418 pages. $24.95

Latino Collective biography book/ Hispanic & Latino book , Chicano musicology , Latinos in music book, Hispanic rock book, Latinos--Heavy metal music book, Latino Non Fiction book , Barrio life Non Fiction book


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
Rock & Roll Por Vida is about the author growing up in a poor Mexican immigrant family in Los Angeles and falling in love with hard rock and heavy metal music at a young age. The book looks at the cultural, social and religious aspects as well as the contributions Hispanics have made to the music over the years. Hard rock and heavy metal are very passionate forms of music, and Hispanics are very passionate people. Musicians interviewed for this project include current and former members of Blue Oyster Cult, Stryper, Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Dio, Whitesnake, Slaughter, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Hurricane, Armored Saint and the Randy Castillo Family. The author also intertwines his journey through life and how hard rock and heavy metal and his spirituality have helped him achieve many goals over the years. 















Cuentos migrantes. Edited by Henry Tarco-Carrera. ISBN: 978-1544287782, 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), Black & White on Cream paper. 252 pages $22.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Hispanic literature, Latino literature Immigration, Hispanic literature, Latino immigrants--Social life and customs Fiction, Immigrant life Fiction


“¿Qué se siente ser extranjero y deambular en una tierra ajena aprendiendo de nuevo a todo, a respirar, a hablar, a sentir y a soñar? Los narradores ecuatorianos se aventuran a explorar en estos cuentos una manera de exteriorizar por medio de sus palabras lo que se siente al vivir en los espacios de otros.” Manuel Medina, The University of Louisville. 

“Es, en suma, un mosaico de historias unidas por tiempos rotos, por huidas que muchas veces llevan al vacío, uno lleno de vicisitudes, de dolor, de soledades y de ausencias marcado por un destino inexorable en una civilización incivil que devora a sus hijos.” Jorge Machín Lucas, The University of Winnipeg.  

“Cuentos magníficos, llenos de misterio, peligro, amor y posibilidades eternas. Estos escritores ecuatorianos están llevando al cuento a un territorio nuevo de este siglo.” Ernesto Quiñonez, catedrático de Cornell University y escritor de Bodega Dreams y Chango’s Fire.  

Cuentos migrantes is an unimpressive title for such magnificent collection of short stories by seasoned writers. The stories do not have a simple remit as it might appear; these are no forthright stories. Instead, they each take one aspect of the migrant experience and provide a whole new discernment of lives in a new country. After all, the heart holds a lot of representational weight. The characters identified by their status or gender (the woman, the husband), a clear set of conflicting rules to obey from both the old and new country, the places and times, people and events spotlight the tender underbelly of the human condition in all its glory and despair on these varied stages of fiction that emerge from the dark reality of migrant life. Without a doubt, Henry Tarco Carrera has rendered onto us an impressive and exceptional collection of tales. LatinoBooks.Net








Cuentos del norte. Historias del sur. Hemil García Linares, Edited by Roberto Cabello-Argandoña ISBN: 978-1544750460, 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), Black & White on Cream paper. 126 pages $14.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Chicano literature, Latino literature Immigration, Hispanic literature, Latino immigrants--Social life and customs Fiction, Immigrant life Fiction



This anthology is published by Floricanto Press.  www.FloricantoPress.com 

En Cuentos del norte, historias del sur nos enfrentamos al racismo, a la pobreza, y a la violencia callejera, pero en ellos también aflora la fortaleza de la mujer luchadora en la figura de la madre, la precaria vida familiar, el barrio, el amor siempre imposible cuanto más ideal. Los temas del norte giran, por supuesto, en torno a la difícil existencia del emigrado, a la falta de identidad, al terrorismo y al anonimato de las grandes ciudades. Hemil García es un escritor de su tiempo, pergeña sus historias desde el país que lo acoge, los Estados Unidos, con la autoridad de quien necesita decirlo todo, pero construyendo intriga, para deleite de los lectores de acá y de allá. —Carmen Ollé destacada poetisa, autora de Noches de Adrenalina/Nights of Adrenaline, Floricanto Press. 

Hemil García brings together a masterful collection of short stories that narrates the vivid, and surreal experience of newly arrived immigrants, people transplanted to a world where they can't communicate, they can't find decent jobs, and even hope, as frequently happens, escapes their grasps. The stories are humanely touching; the narrative is inexplicably gripping and riveting as they relate immigrants attempting to redefine themselves as they confront a new promised land replete of new challenges, abject poverty, and desperation. Hemil García Linares is a newly emerging voice that forcefully touches the conscience of the readers. LatinoBooks.net  












Almond Tequila. By Annie Mary Perez. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN: 978-1544188041 $19.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction, Barrio life Fiction

Best Latino Focused Book

Puerto San Carlos is Jake’s idea of paradise. A place where he could fish all day, play his guitar, and drink tequila all day long. He has been visiting this dusty little fishing village with its colorful inhabitants and curious superstitions and customs for the past eight summers. When Socorro Reyes vows to put a brujería on her former friend for cheating her, Jake persuades her to let karma handle it. When Ricardo Avila fails to carry out his dead mother’s wishes, the man receives an unexpected visitor. When Xochitl Madrigal asks Jake to captain El Barco de Libros, little does he know that they will be sailing into the eye of a storm. Between all this and trying to save the endangered sea turtles, it turns out to be an eventful summer, leading Jake to make a life changing decision. 

Captivating and descriptive, Almond Tequila evokes the richness of Baja California where stunning scenery, aquatic wildlife, tasty cuisine, and warm melodies soothe the soul. The reader is immersed in folkloric culture, gentle surf, island breezes, and the amazing flavor of chocolate clams.—José Chavez, Author, Estrellitas y Nopales~ Little Stars and Cactus 












Coconut Versus. By Daniel Jose Ruiz. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN: 978-1540806307 364 pages. $24.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction, Barrio life Fiction


Everyone calls Miguel Reyes a coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside. Among his family in central California, he’s the too soft city-boy. His family try to teach him what it means to be a Reyes and to understand manhood and its value within a rural life. Miguel doesn’t always want to be a man by their often-conflicting definitions. In Arizona, he’s a brown boy in an upper-class, white neighborhood. He has no real friends as no one there seems to understand how someone could be brown without being poor. He spends most of his time alone or playing video games with his little brother Angel, yet Angel is already starting to excel past Miguel in all areas in which children are judged. Miguel falls in love for the first time, and he falls in love with a sport that provides an outlet for his growing anger, but then his growing anger is part of the problem.

In Los Angeles, he’s a fake Mexican that speaks too good. He finds love, and he finds his place in high school as the guardian of the outcasts, but his desire to be a defender and alpha male simply causes more problems. In Irvine, CA, he’s a punk rock kid in a suburban paradise. His mother has also taken a position at the same college, and Miguel attempts to reconcile his working-class mythos with his parents’ expectations. In the Inland Empire, CA, he is best friends with a local legend, Scott, and Miguel meets the love of his young life, Sunshine. Scott also loves her, and Miguel must navigate his feelings but also the realities of the ownership inherent to the world’s accepted definition of love. Miguel builds a life there, one that is defined by himself rather than others.  

Daniel Ruiz, in taut and urgent prose, that often takes your breath away, (like a punch to your gut), reveals the often turbulent life of Miguel Reyes as he navigates his way from confused child to manhood. With a cast of characters ranging from fierce to loving to humorous, Ruiz has given us an essential bildungsroman befitting America in the 21st Century. —Bruce Bauman, author of the novels And the Word Was and Broken Sleep 

Coconut Versus is a coming of age story that brims with energy and originality as it travels across modern, millennial California. Daniel Ruiz uses his ample gifts as a writer and observer of his generation’s longings to spin tales of love, rage and self-knowledge that are intelligently and passionately told. —Héctor Tobar, author of The Barbarian Nurseries and the New York Times bestselling Deep Down Dark.  



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The Fall and Rise of Champagne Sánchez. By Rudy J. Miera. ISBN: 978-1539869160 336 pages. $17.59 Sale

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latinos--Social life and customs Fiction, Barrio life Fiction


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
Trouble always came for "Champagne" Sánchez…this time, the law was on trouble’s side. Whether it is his attempts to make a living selling fireworks, vacuum cleaners or burritos, things can, and do, go terribly wrong. "The Fall and Rise of ‘Champagne’ Sánchez," is a fast-paced modern narrative, set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a “rags to riches to rejection to redemption” story. The witness to Champagne’s Fall is his cousin, the street-smart newspaper reporter, Adelita Chávez. The chronicler not only of the struggles of her cousin, but the scribe of her own observations of life around her (in the form of ‘Journal Entries’); she writes of the pain of watching her mother deal with breast cancer and describes characters in the barrio from Doña Mariluz to Magdalena Moya. 




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Yearners. By Marco Portales. ISBN: 978-1540879189 250 pages. $23.95

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Chicano literature, Latino literature, Hispanic literature, Latino Politics Fiction, Barrio life Fiction, Latino literature, Hispanic literature--Social life and customs, Latino literature Social life and customs

Yearners hope, pray, and wish life would be different, with needs shaping developments. Individual circumstances lead to short and long-term goals and desires, engendering, among other issues, men who heed women from those who do not. 
In "Yearners," Herson Moya and family members, friends, and closest employees weigh Herson’s prospects while he considers a run for Texas governor. His acquaintances know the world as it exists, yet spend their days on options that should improve life. But the status quo is not easily changed. Realities appear to have been created by design, and kept in place by forces that counter demographics. The status quo seems immovable, resisting human effort. Still, yearners nudge the world every day, changing views and altering society to promise more satisfying lives. 



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Communicate! Confidence Skills for English Learners. By Ray DiZazzo. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN: 978-1539803782 174 pages. $19.95

Language Arts--English learners; English as a Second language (ESL); Communication Studies--Language learning


This book is published by Floricanto Press. 
Communicate! Confidence Skills for English Learners is a compelling example of Mr. DiZazzo’s philosophy on the power of personal communication. Writing in a simple, conversational style, this newest book covers all aspects of communication skills and ways they can help English Learners feel more confident using their newly acquired vocabulary. Speaking of the relationship between words and communication skills





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Idealismo Triunfador de la Juventud: Victoria sobre la infamia. By Héctor Pereyra-Suárez , Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN-13: 978-1533257215. 140 pages. $16.95

Fiction--Latino business and economics; Latino--Social life and customs; Latino Spanish Fiction, Hispanic Spanish Fiction

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. 
Todos los personajes se hacen reales, gente de carne y hueso: muy verdaderos. El lector se enamora de unos y detesta a otros. Hasta ve, de cuerpo entero, como es cada uno físicamente, del modo en que se viste y su manera de hablar. Se enfada con los que son hipócritas, viciosos, faltos de honradez o crueles, y espera verlos castigados, lo cual presencia más tarde. Se encariña con los personajes buenos, les perdona errores, y se deleita cuando triunfan. Los personajes malos no cambian. Los buenos sorprenden al revelar, sin darse cuenta, que son cada vez más virtuosos: justos, castos, honestos, íntegros. Y el lector se inflama con la aspiración de ser como ellos. 
Cuando los viejos antagonistas creen haber derrotado a los protagonistas jóvenes, en realidad les dan inesperadas oportunidades para destacarse. El lector se va convirtiendo en otro personaje e integrándose al grupo a medida que avanza en la lectura. Sin levantarse del sillón de su casa o de donde se encuentre leyendo, Idealismo triunfador de la juventud lo transporta, como de vacaciones, para disfrutar de otras latitudes y otros tiempos. 










Las Comadres Book of the Month Club - February, 2017 Selection

Love Field. By Virginia Alanís . ISBN-13: 978-1539678809. $23.95

Latino Fiction---Social Life and customs, Chicano literature, Latinas Coming of age, Latinos Family life, Latinos Assimilation, Hispanic Social life and customs, Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Latino Fiction---Immigration

This book is published by Floricanto Press:


Laura Cano is a Mexican-American teenager living in Dallas in the mid-1980s. She comes from a traditional family from Nuevo León, Mexico. When Laura was a child, she and her family moved to Dallas in search of new opportunities. Laura’s parents work in a factory, while she strives for something better for herself—a future as a lawyer in America. To reach that professional objective, Laura must navigate past the ignorance and superstitions of her family, in addition to the dangers and obstacles of an unknown and foreign world. Can she distance herself from her relations and negotiate all the challenges ahead of her to reach her goals, or will her life be thrown off course by her ties and obligations to her family? 


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Ventas al por mayor: Una cuestión de confianza . By José Caseros Sánchez. ISBN-13: 978-1539859239. $23.95

spanish Fiction---Social Life and customs, spanish literature, Hispanics Family life, Hispanic Social life and customs, Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Hispanic Fiction---Business and economics

This book is published by Floricanto Press:


This book is published by Floricanto Press.  
La vida de Luis Alonso parece idílica, a ojos de muchos. Directivo de una importante compañía, ha logrado casi todo cuanto se ha propuesto en su existencia; un cargo bien remunerado, varios inmuebles, coches, prestigio profesional . . . Incluso está casado con una mujer preciosa, y tiene dos hijos. Aparentemente, sus expectativas se han cumplido, después de tantos años de duro esfuerzo, trabajando como vendedor y gerente. Sin embargo, algo se le opone. Ambicioso por naturaleza, siempre ha codiciado el puesto que su jefe y amigo, Álvaro Reva, ha ocupado desde que lo conoció con sinceridad. La presidencia del consejo de administración de la empresa. Un cargo de difícil acceso, que, sin embargo, se le abre, aparentemente, el día que su colega le hace una oferta, difícil de explicar. 
Inmersos como están ambos, en las negociaciones que se suceden entre su equipo, y el de una compañía oriental, a la cual han realizado una oferta de adquisición de activos, Reva propone a su consejero preferido que viaje al oriente, con el objetivo de convencer a la administración del país en el cual se sitúa la sede de su nuevo socio, de la bondad, y viabilidad del proyecto, que ambos parecen estar, a punto de concluir.

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Antonio Machado. Obras Completas. Edited by Leyla Namazie. 978-1-888205-66-4 400 pages. $24.95

POETRY / European / spanish & Portuguese

Generación del 98, Hispanic poetry, Poesía moderna española, spanish poetry, literatura española.

Antonio Machado was born in Seville in 1875, the second of five brothers, in the midst of a liberal family. In 1883 the whole family moves to Madrid. Machado studied in the Institución Libre de Enseñanza, which had been founded by a friend of his father. After this, he finished his studies in two schools in Madrid, San Isidro and Cardenal Cisneros.

He travels frequently to Paris, where he meets Rubén Darío and works for a few months in the publishing company Garnier. In Madrid he takes part in the literary and theatre world, and becomes part of the troupe of María Guerrero and Fernando Díaz de Mendoza. In 1907 Machado gets the French Chair in Soria, and afterwards he travels to Paris with a scholarship to study philosophy with Bergson and Bédier. His wife dies (they had only been married for 3 years) and he asks to be moved to Baeza (Jaén) where he continued to teach spanish from 1912 to 1919.

Caminante, no hay camino,
sino estelas en la mar.
Caminante, son tus huellas
el camino, y nada más;
caminante, no hay camino,
se hace camino al andar.

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Everything That Could Not Happen Will Happen Now. By Alberto Ramirez. ISBN-13: 978-1537753591. $23.95

This book is published by Floricanto Press: www.FloricantoPress.com 
A riveting and poignant novel, “Everything That Could Not Happen Will Happen Now,” delves boldly into the issue of the racial divide in America, the stark reality of racism, and the Sisyphean struggle against its tragic repercussions.  

Latino Fiction---Social Life and customs

Fiction / Hispanic & Latino

Juan Juárez Bitol is on the verge of graduating from a prestigious California university and realizingthe American Dream. Yet in the closing weeks of his last semester—having survived the rigors of academic life and a series of racially charged incidents—he attends a lecture on Beowulf. In the explanation of Wyrd, the Anglo-Saxon belief in personal destiny, Juan receives a prophecy revealing that he, like Grendel—the monster of the epic poem and member of the “loathsome race”—is doomed. Wavering between fatalism and free will, Juan ultimately dons the mantle of monster-messiah and sets out to perform the miracle of saving himself.  

“A stunning debut novel shimmering with magical realism and lyrical beauty . . . a searing and heartbreaking portrait of alienation in America.”  - Emily C. Creigh, Co-Author “Journey to the Heart of the Condor: Love, Loss, and Survival in a South American Dictatorship.”  

“. . . Ramirez has created one of the most memorable Latino characters in a very long time with his Juan Juárez Bitol, a young man trying to stay afloat amongst the privileged denizens of elite academia . . . this is a very smart book with a heart and a message for our confused, xenophobic times.”  
-Manuel Luis Martinez, Author of “Los Duros.”  
American Book Award Winner, 2015 

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Emotions, culture, and mental illness: A short history of my father. By Luis R. Medina, Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN-13: 978-1888205718. 242 pages. $23.95

Latino Psychology

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. 
In his first book, Emotions, Culture And Mental Illness: A Short History Of My Father, the author takes the reader on a poignant journey of self-discovery when he decides to go to Puerto Rico in search of “Monchito,” his psychopathic father whom he had not seen in nearly three decades. He explores the subject of emotions—primarily from the perspective of the philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)—and debunks the widely held notion that psychopaths are “emotionless” beings. What exactly are emotions? How do we learn to feel anything? As he examines these issues, the author takes us on an anthropological field trip deep into the harsh realities of Puerto Rico’s island culture, both past and present; he tells us the story of how he learned to become an Americano through his immersion in books, movies, and the English language. He also discusses the ambiguous political status of Puerto Ricans referring to them as a “different kind of American,” who are “neither here nor there.” 

Throughout the narrative, we come face-to-face with the book’s chief subject: Monchito, his life and his times. His story is presented with brutal candor, submerging us into the depths of human suffering and the devastating effects of poverty and mental illness. Monchito’s story—told in parallel to that of the author’s—challenges the reader to explore the inseparable relationshipbetween emotions and ideas and question our notions of American identity in a fundamentally new light. 

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The Mexican Border: Immigration, War and a Trillion Dollars in Trade. By Raoul Lowery Contreras, Edited by Leyla Namazie and Roberto Cabello-Argandoña. ISBN-13: 978-1537418513. 342 pages. $23.95

U.S.-Mexico Trade and immigration; Mexican immigration, U.S.-Mexico Border Trade

This book is published by Floricanto Press. 

Next door neighbor Mexico, Mexicans, trillions of dollars in commerce all became issues in the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign… Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump attacked Mexico, Mexicans, and trade with Mexico. Trump declared Mexico is stealing American companies, stealing American jobs. The Mexican government he says is “forcing” criminals across the border to become America’s problem. Mexicans immigrants are criminals and rapists he says, though “some” Mexicans are “good people.” He promised to build a “great wall” on the Mexican border to keep people and drugs out…he would have Mexico “pay” for the wall. Essentially, Donald J. Trump declared “war” on Mexico, its government, its 122 million people, the forty million Americans of Mexican origin and iconic American companies like Ford, etc. 
Former Mexican citizens, Americans by 1848 treaty were critical to the United States victory in the American Civil War in the West. South of the border Mexicans helped Abraham Lincoln by defeating an invading French Army intent on supplying the Confederacy with arms. The Mexican victory on the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo, was critical to the United States victory over the Confederacy. 

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Loneliness of the Soul. By James R. Dalton, Edited by Leyla Namazie and Kurt S. Maier. ISBN-13: 978-1888205688

Latin America--Poetry--Social Life and customs

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

Bankruptcy, poverty, exploitation. child cruelty, ingratitude. Sounds familiar? This novel has it all. 

Stella Bernal grows up on a farm in Colombia, South America. She survives by her wits and petty crime. No work is too hard for her. Injustice makes her bitter but she never loses hope. She is determined to overcome all obstacles so she can buy the palatial home of the president for her parents. From early in life she is determined to get ahead. 

Stella cleans houses in Miami and works four jobs in Manhattan. She is exploited and abandoned by men and her own family. But she always picks herself up until her promise comes true.


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Crossing Bridges. By Harold Recinos. ISBN-13: 978-1888205633 $23.95

Latino barrio Fiction--Social Life and customs


This is a joint publication of of Berkeley and Floricanto Presses

"This beautiful and powerful collection of poems and testimonios captures the heart and soul of the Latino experience in the New America. A remarkable montage of images, feelings, and expressions that lift the spirit and plumb the depth and promises of the American experience.” —Gaston Espinosa, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies, Claremont McKenna College. Author of Latino Pentecostals in America: Faith & Politics in Action (Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2014), and Religion, Race, & Barack Obama's New Democratic Pluralism (New York: Routledge, 2013).  

"This is poetry of the soul. It turns disquiet into revelation."—Ilan Stavans, Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture, Amherst College. Author of Quixote: The Novel and the World (N.Y.: W. W. Norton & Co., 2015) and Borges, the Jew. (State University of New York Press, 2016).  


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AWARD WINNING Chicano Latino Fiction Books




The Water of Life Remains in the Dead. By Maria Nieto. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 9781888205596. $19.95.

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. Maria Nieto is the Award Winning author of Pig and the Bear, also published by Floricanto Press. Read More . . .Water

Maria Nieto’s newest novel treats the reader to a fast paced drama told with grit and undercoated with humor. The story, set in 1971, is centered on the canny, spirited and charming Los Angeles Times reporter, Alejandra Marisol. Alejandra displays relentless tenacity as she delves into the bowels of corrupt city politics, shady real-estate transactions, and an overbearing Archdiocese to fish out the truth surrounding unspeakable crimes using the art of deduction and forensic science. While the story clearly demonstrates that the present is inextricably tied to the past, it does not let us forget that ordinary people have the ability to override the power of history to shape destiny. Water of life mysteriously flows like the ancient LA River which still runs under Olvera Street, the original pueblo of Los Angeles. Water is life and has no borders, penetrating our bones and teeth to give us clues on where we were born and where we ended our path. But as Maria Nieto writes, “But Life is never a clearly defined path. Five dead bodies in the back of a pickup truck, a cardinal with interests beyond the church, a real estate developer with ties to the Archdiocese, a possible metaphor with no known meaning, all proof that nothing was clear.” This is not your daddy’s LA Noir. Nieto is a new refreshing voice in this predominantly Anglo male genre. Her heroine is a feisty Chicana LA Times reporter that loves her Revlon lipstick, finds solace in her blue VW bug named Azulita, and is not afraid to confront the big boys that run the City of Angels like their own private palm-laden country club. Nieto uses history, culture, science, and sharp female intuition with dark humor to tell her story that will keep you guessing and smiling.
Herbert Sigüenza, playwright, actor and co-founder of Culture Clash.

The Water of Life Remains in the Dead, First Place 2016 Indie Book Award Winner for Multicultural Fiction and a 2016 International Latino Book Award Winner in three categories (First Place for Best Latina Themed Book, Second Place for Best Young Adult Latino Focused Book, and Second Place for Best Novel Mystery)

The Water of Life Remains in the Dead written by Maria Nieto is a First Place 2016 Indie Book Award Winner for Multicultural Fiction and a 2016 International Latino Book Award Winner in three categories (First Place for Best Latina Themed Book, Second Place for Best Young Adult Latino Focused Book, and Second Place for Best Novel Mystery). The story is centered on the spirited and charming Los Angeles Times reporter, Alejandra Marisol, who first made her debut in Nieto's award winning novel, Pig Behind The Bear. Alejandra is a feisty Chicana who uses her Revlon lipstick like a talisman as she delves into the bowels of corrupt city politics, shady real-estate transactions, and an overbearing Archdiocese to fish out the truth surrounding unspeakable crimes using the art of deduction and forensic science. Filled with rich Los Angeles history this fast paced story undercoated with humor will not disappoint. 






Far from my Mother’s Home. By Bárbara Mujica. E.L. Doctorow-award-winning stories of cross-cultural perspectives. ISBN: 978-0915745-28-9       $23.95

La Mujer Latina Series

This is an award-winning anthology of short stories by the author of the novel The Deaths of Don Bernardo (Floricanto Press, 1989). Mario Bencastro, from The Washington Review says that "Bárbara Mujica narrates with singular mastery and luxury of detail, creating characters that are both remarkable and familiar... [She] has succeeded in transcending the narrative itself in order to convey emotions and exalt human values."

Far from My Mother's Home is Bárbara Mujica’s collection of stories written during the decade prior to the publication of  The Deaths of Don Bernado. Therefore, they offer the reader a glimpse of the development of certain aesthetic and conceptual elements that bore fruit in the novel. For example, in these stories we see a growing concern for the ways that different ethnic groups interact. Like the novel, many of these stories are constructed upon a multicultural perspectivism in which persons from different ethnic and social groups—Hispanics, Americans; whites, Indians; landowners, peasants—react to a single circumstance in diverse ways because of their particular cultural outlooks. Furthermore, in both her novel and her stories, Bárbara Mujica uses humor to emphasize the absurdity of the dilemmas that result from our intransigence in ethnic (and other) matters.

“‘Gotlib, Bombero,’ a stunningly successful story by Barbara Mujica, recounts the efforts of Emesto Gotlib, a Chilean-born Jew, to be accepted by his Latin American peers . . . It is a tribute to Mujica’s talent as a storyteller and a writer that the reader fully shares in Gotlib’s anguish.”
Abigail Davis, “The Bloomsbury Review”

“Bárbara Mujica narrates with a singular mastery and luxury of detail, creating characters that are both remarkable and familiar... [She] has succeeded in transcending the narrative itself in order to convey profound emotions and to exalt human values.”
Mario Bencastro, “The Washington Review”

“Bárbara Mujica has a natural narrative talent. She narrates from the gut, from the inside, with a curious eye and great dramatic power, stories of worlds that collide and disconnect.”
Jorge Edwards, Author of “Persona Non Grata”

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Murder in the Mountains. War Crime in Khojaly and the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict. By Raoul Lowery Contreras. ISBN-13: 9781888205640 . $23.95

An internationally-known, Latino reporter investigates the Khojaly Massacres.

This book is published by Berkeley Press. On a bitterly cold February night of 1992, the Armenian government ordered its troops to destroy an innocent town of 6,000 people in the Caucasus Mountains. The town was Khojaly in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region. Surrounded on three sides by Armenian troops and their allies, the town was destroyed in less than three hours by bombardment, tanks and hundreds of attackers on foot. Khojaly’s people were chased down and those not fast enough — women and children and the elderly — were massacred in what the Armenians claimed was a “humanitarian corridor”. It was a killing field for hundreds of unarmed men, women and children. It was a preplanned and organized ambush that felled men, women and child victims in open fields with no cover. The Human Rights Watch called it “the largest massacre in the conflict” between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Khojaly was one of the first atrocities of the war waged by Armenia against Azerbaijan in the early 1990s eventually resulting in the illegal military invasion and total ethnic cleansing of twenty percent of Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territory. It is representative of a conflict frozen in time; a conflict that has no international outrage to push for a solution. This was only the beginning of years of attacks and terror. The story is real, supported by undisputed facts and captured by eyewitness reports. The story of Khojaly should be told so that such human brutalities are never repeated. 




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Galician Memories. By Daniel Otero. ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1530915644. $ 1.8.95. 6" x 9"   Latino Nonfiction Book/ Biographies

picture This book is published by Floricanto Press. Simon Baixa was born in the town of O Grove, Galicia, Spain and was literally born with a mark on his back, a target of society’s injustices. a victim of circumstances when his parents are taken away by the Franco regime and were made to disappear for their political beliefs; this three-year-old orphan is, then adopted by his Uncle Antonio, a member of the local Amo do fuma (a version of Galicia’s Mafia).
Simon grows up to become a smuggler within this family of bootleggers whom try to survive against poverty. As Antonio’s liquor routes begin to prosper, the local Amo do fuma Chief, Esteban Concepcao begins to take notice. Esteban wants these routes for himself and when Antonio rejects his proposal, this mob boss will send his enforcer, Guillo. When one attempt of a shakedown against Simon fails, the Baixa family will become a target of Esteban’s ruthless ambitions. Jonathan, Antonio’s son takes a beating from Guillo that nearly cost him his life. Here’s where Simon does the unimaginable, a ‘hit’ on the mob boss and his enforcer.
Simon has to run and leave Galicia for good! Without any other alternatives, he escapes to France and foolishly joins the French Foreign Legion under a falsified alias. Is Simon’s service to France redemption or will it sink him further into hell’s depravity? Violence will be a part of Simon’s life, from the back roads of Galicia to the battlefields of the Balkans.

Daniel Otero, intends to bring light on the dark side of Galician life. On an existing problem that has dampened this beautiful most northwestern region and mysterious place of Spain. Few authors have focused internationally in the past on the issues of Galicia and its secret society, the Amo do fuma (Galicia’s version of the Mafia). With proud traditions and Celtic ancestry, Galicia has today evolved into greatness against poverty and overwhelming odds. It further focuses on survival a mist crisis and how a boy has to be taken brutally and yanked from his childhood to become a man! The author skillfully meshes history, Galicia’s social problems, a gangsters’ way of life and militarism. Without any apologies, Daniel wants to give Galicia its overdue honors. By saying, “It’s our time!”





Animals of My Land. Animales de mi tierra. By Rossy Evelin Lima, and Gerald Padilla. Illustrated by Gaby Rico. ISBN 978-1530316113. $12.95. $ 12.95. 8.5" x 8.5"   (21.59 x 21.59 cm) Full Color Bleed on White paper. Latino Juvenile Nonfiction Book/ Animals

This is a publication of Floricanto.
Animals of My Land is the first children's trilingual book published in Nahuatl, Spanish and English in the United States and is designed to nourish the important bond between language, nature and culture. This book has been created with the intention of reconnecting with the ancient Aztec civilization and their language, while also cultivating both English and Spanish. With this book, children will be able to interact with Quetzali’s friends in three languages and learn to treasure animals as our friends.

This illustrated Spanish, English and Nahuatl trilingual book presents the most common and unique fauna of Mexico in most colorful illustrations set within magnificent background landscapes. This book is suitable for beginning readers and to be read to and it is very highly recommended. LatinoBooks.Net






Romancero gitano. By Federico García Lorca. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN-13: 978-1-888205-65-7. $9.95

Spanish Poetry books--Generation 27

pictureEl Romancero gitano, The Gypsy Ballads is a lyric work that Lorca began writing in 1923 and was published 1928. This Romancero is comprised of eighteen folk ballads about themes, such as night, death, blood, sky and the moon. The overriding theme is the Gypsy folk world. These ballads represent a synthesis of folk poetry and high lyrics, exposed in Andalucia and the Gypsy in a mythic and metaphoric style. This work reflects the sufferings of the Gypsy people, who are persecuted by authorities and their struggle against this repressive governmental overreach.

El Romancero gitano, The Gypsy Ballads, es una obra poética de Federico García Lorca, publicada en 1928. Este Romancero está compuesta por dieciocho romances con temas como la noche, la muerte, el cielo, la luna. Todos los poemas tienen algo en común, tratan de la cultura gitana. Representa una gran síntesis entre la poesía popular y la alta, transcurre entre dos temas prmordiales, Andalucía y los gitanos, tratados en forma metafórica y mítica. La obra refleja las penas de un pueblo que vive al margen de la sociedad y que se ve perseguido por los representantes de la autoridad, y por su lucha contra esa autoridad represiva.

Read more . . .







Long Way Home. By Harold J. Recinos. ISBN-13: 978-1888205626. $19.95

Latino barrio Poetry--Social Life and customs

pictureThis is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. 

The poems in
Long Way Home memorialize, historicize, publicize, and chastise with beautifully woven words that seek to incite change by bridging the great gulf between parent and child, neighbor and neighbor, holy word and vulgar indifference, Spanish and English, between the promise of America and its bleak reality. These are gritty tales of real people who we are too often invisibilized. Though the poet implores us to see and hear and touch the downtrodden, he does not invoke pity, but admiration for their endurance, empathy so that we might see how our destinies are intertwined, and anger for the way the vulnerable are exploited.” Louis Mendoza, PhD, Prof. of Literary and Cultural Studies, Arizona State University; Author of Conversations Across Our America: Talking About Immigration and the Latinoization of the U.S. (University of Texas, 2012).  

“More academics should follow Harold Recinos’ lead in bringing highbrow aesthetics to the giddy reality of those in need. To read poetry rooted in the margins is to discover the existing beauty in the midst of despair and disenfranchisement. Recinos paints for us what those with privilege seldom get to see.” Miguel de la Torre, Prof. of Social Ethics, Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colorado. Author of The Politics of Jesus: a Hispanic Political Theology (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015) .  

“Harold Recinos’ work has always involved interrogation of the conditions of life. This same concern for the structural and inner workings of human life also informs these poems. Whether or not you agree with the theology under girding this collection, you will appreciate the passion and commitment to well-being it seeks to communicate.” Anthony B. Pinn, Prof. of Humanities; and Religious Studies, Director of Graduate Studies; Author of Humanism: Essays on Race, Religion and Popular Culture (Bloomsbury 2015). 






María's Purgatorio. By Patrick Fontes. Edited by Leyla Namazie. ISBN-13: 978-1523315154. $23.95

Latino barrio Fiction--Social Life and customs

pictureSex. Drugs. Violence. Speaking in tongues. Set in the sweltering summer months in Fresno, California, María seeks purpose, identity and some semblance of family among the gritty underground niches of society. Not content with who she is, or where she came from, María delves into various groups yearning for fulfillment in a dystopian landscape, one very real for anyone acquainted with the underbelly of cities like Fresno. Not satisfied with drugs and sex, María undergoes a spiritual conversion after meeting evangelists from a Pentecostal church. At last she is at home, with The Family, her new spiritual family, which offers more than her biological familia—so María thinks. In the end, her newfound life is not what it seems, and María at last finds happiness and contentment in a place she previously scorned. Throughout the book María is tormented between memories of her Abuela and her journey to find peace.

“a Danteesque novel set in modern day Fresno, that is smart as fuck without being pretentious. The Fresno of Patrick Fontes’s María’s Purgatorio is not for the faint of heart: On the surface, the city is a multi-layered purgatory and inferno of lost souls who writhe in heat and despair with their eyes sewn shut, unable to acknowledge or have empathy for their suffering, or the suffering of others. Some find solace in cruelty, others in drugs, or in the opiate of religion, or completely retreating from the world. María must climb out of Fresno’s hell-worlds in order to discover self-reliance and community within her family and heritage. a smart and pungent first novel, the reader sweats and cringes with the narrative of Fresno’s abyss; however, finds within it things and people who are beautiful and worth remembering.” Nicole Henares, poet, educator.






Mexican Queer Theater. By Clary Loisel, Ph.D. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 9781519636881. $16.95.

LGBT Latino Books

pictureThis is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

Kudos to Clary Loisel’s Mexican Queer Theater for advancing the English translation of the early work of gifted playwrights such as Elena Guiochíns and Mayho Moreno. Loisel’s take on Connecting People, is so right and hilariously iconoclast! The play reveals Guiochíns’s early interest in the playful deconstruction of the text and displacement of essential notions of human will. Loisel’s translation of this work marshals a great many knowledges as it rightly sutures the delivery of Connecting People’s fractured edgy humor and its contestation of time, space, and subjective agency. In contrast to this, Loisel’s skillful translation of Mayho Moreno’s beautifully seductive but disturbing Between Sun and Shadow, of a willful young woman and her thirty-something female lover, presents the reader with what appears to be an uninterrupted distracted tension between the two women, which then culminates in a sharp register of sinister dominance by the older over the younger. Thanks to Loisel’s translation, the reader realizes the younger will emerge victorious given her expansive imagination and greater capacity for dark eroticism.
Adelaida R. Del Castillo, Associate Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies San Diego State University





Everything We Think We Hear. By José Ángel Araguz. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN: 978-1-888205-60-2. $9.95.

Latino Poetry Books

pictureThis is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

Everything We Think We Hear is a collection of prose poems and flash fictions in the tradition of the Latin American microcuento. At turns fabulistic and true to life, these short pieces tell stories about growing up in and out of South Texas and about the role family mythology has in relating to the world. Through experiences articulated via poetic prose, this collection presents Latin@ storytelling as a way to understand the universal through the personal. 

What is the meaning beyond memory’s hauntings? How does one survive the multi-faceted self fashioned from such meanings? Poet José Ángel Araguz’ unflinching collection, Everything We Think We Hear, considers these questions from all angles and gives us answers as adamantine and brilliant as the prose poems he has fashioned in his questing. 

Sarah Cortéz, Councilor, Texas Institute of Letters, Author of Cold Blue Steel. 



Latino Puerto Rican Fiction Books

Luck is Just the Beginning. By Celeste León. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511639934. $23.95.

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses.

When nineteen-year-old Ramón León wins the Puerto Rican lottery, his dream of establishing the first dental and medical clinic in his village becomes achievable. But a chain of catastrophic events intervenes. Luck is Just the Beginning is not only an enchanting story of the joys and sorrows of family, but also the saga of one man’s determination to see his dream through.
Luck is Just the Beginning is the gripping story of heartbreak, courage and self-sacrifice, of one man’s struggle to find the right path to his dream. It will take your breath away and warm your heart.
David Sundstrand, author of Shadow of the Raven, Shadows of Death

Celeste León takes the reader on a deeply affecting voyage, balancing “the luckiest man in Maunabo’s” dreams and aspirations against the push and pull of a tightly-knit community. Emotionally pitch-perfect and skillfully written, this historical novel transports the reader on an unforgettable journey to a time and place most of us have never known.
Désirée Zamorano, author of The Amado Women




Chicano Latino Fiction Books

What a Barrio Life, Ese! ¡Ay, que Padre es la vida! By Félix Figueroa. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511887687. $24.95.

Félix Figueroa describes in What a Barrio Life, Ése! ¡Ay, Qué Padre es la Vida! a Latino family surrounded by a congregation of characters—typical of barrio social life and customs—embedded in stories and situations, which represent the barrio as a most sui generis socially active quarters. Figueroa bring us a vivacious and veridical narrative of a vigorous social space inhabited by gang members, the unemployed, the government welfare dependents, business owners, and average hard-working class folks, whose factual and metaphorical boundaries are enclaved in culture, language, and predicated in everyday endurance and active struggle. The barrio life streams day-by-day observations, struggles, and night-by-night clashes among affectionate relatives and acquaintances facing existential dilemmas. There is no better book to immerse oneself in a Latino barrio-neighborhood life. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net.

Félix Figueroa's book, What a Barrio Life, Ése! ¡Ay, Qué Padre es la Vida! has brought back fond memories of the colorful neighborhood of “La Hojalata,” which was similar to many “barrios” in the Southwest and its lively characters like Porfirio and his buddies. The stories allow us to understand the rich Mexican American culture of the past when life was simple and innocent. —Dr. Eliseo ‘Cheo’ Torres –Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of New Mexico and author of Curandero: a Life in Mexican Folk Healing.





César Chávez y la Unión: una historia victoriosa de los de abajo. By Víctor Fuentes. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511639934. $24.95.

Best Union Focused Book

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. This ground-breaking book—written in Spanish—by Dr. Víctor Fuentes, Professor Emeritus of the University of California, is the most comprehensive illustrated and well-documented biography of César Chávez. It describes his life and strife as a labor and political leader of farm workers in the California fields of tears. This is a social, political and agricultural labor biography of the unique and well suited leader that helped bring about such landmark improvements of farm workers’ welfare and economic conditions. Inspired by advocates of nonviolence, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, he sought to redress economic deficiencies and injustices in the agricultural fields of California. He was the driving force behind seminal events, such as the creation of the United Farm Workers Union, the organization of nationwide boycotts and marches against the large farming enterprises and growers. Deeply religious and committed to the cause, La Causa, Cesar Chávez lived to see the gains he had so hardly fought for. The book is greatly complemented by rare photographs of his life and the labor struggles he successfully led. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net

Conmemorando el 50 aniversario del gran triunfo de la Huelga de la uva, iniciada el verano de 1965, este libro compagina el estudio de la historia de la Unión de Campesinos con el de la persona de César Chávez. Se divide en dos partes con ocho capítulos. La primera parte, tras evocar cómo César, de niño y adolescente, vivió en carne propia la explotación y el sufrimiento de los campesinos, y de tratar de su forja como gran líder comunitario y laboral, se ocupa de la gesta que llevó a la Unión, bajo su dirección, a lograr algo antes nunca conseguido en la historia del país por los trabajadores campesinos. En total simbiosis con ellos, César devino un héroe nacional, reconocido y admirado mundialmente.
En la segunda parte, se historia cómo, y con sus altibajos, la Unión llegó a un gran ápice a mediados y finales de los años 70. Posteriormente, en un nuevo contexto histórico en que el sindicalismo nacional fue puesto contras las cuerdas, César y el grupo dirigente lucharon por un nuevo rehacer de la Unión, tan hostigada en los años 80. Con su infatigable dinamismo y entrega, César Chávez, en su última década, se mantuvo vivo, para los otros, hasta la muerte. Y el grito liberador de la Unión y de la Causa campesina, “Sí se puede”, se ha convertido en un grito universal de cuantos luchan contra fuerzas detractoras aparentemente inexpugnables.



    Emma Chaves. Tales from Alturas: The Puerto Rican Mystique. ISBN: 978-1888205558. $22.95

    The feisty mountain people of Alturas, in the Cordillera Central of Puerto Rico, scratch and claw to survive in their beloved but devastated patch of God-given earth. During the early 20th century one calamity after another has caused hunger and misery to hover over this beautiful Island and its amazingly resilient people. The colorful characters depicted in these compelling and unforgettable tales seek happiness by spreading rumors, creating tales, accessing the spirit world, even seeing the sudden apparition of a loved one. Somehow, they must pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and continue to trudge forward with dreams and hope. “Without dreams,” Lola tells her daughter, “it’s impossible to live.” The author has created a unique world in which universal themes, such as romance, love and loss, love for one’s family and for one’s homeland are pursued, as well as themes more specific to some groups than to others, such as machismo and discrimination.  

    Tales from Alturas is Emma Chaves first novel. She immerses us in her narrative populated by multidimensional and realistic characters, often complicated and unpredictable, but more importantly, drawn from her ample and keen and ardent knowledge of the Island and her people; individuals more often than not, found in the typical Latino world. This is an outstanding novel about a colorful family chronicle ofthe struggles to endure in a difficult world caught between the past and uncertain emerging future. LatinoBooks.Net 



Winner of the Thirty-Sixth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS!!!

The purpose of the awards is to recognize literary excellence without limitations or restrictions.

Chicano Latino Fiction Books

Martinez, Manuel Luis. Los Duros. ISBN: 978-1497473553 $24.95

Winner of the Thirty-Sixth Annual AMERICAN BOOK AWARDS!!!

“This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. Los Duros is a destitute colonia suffocating in the brutal heat of the Mojave Desert. Families must live without running water or electricity as they attempt to survive on the edge of the Salton Sea, a toxic lake where dead fish rot and poisons pollute the shore. The reality of living in the shanty wastelands of the affluent jewel cities of southern California threatens to destroy two young men living in desperate poverty and abandonment. On a night of unthinkable violence, Banger and Tarasco will be thrust together as they confront the tragic circumstances that threatens to claim them as two more squandered casualties to the callous indifference suffered by those forced to live in the shadows. Guillermo, an idealistic teacher, and Juan, the long-absent father of one of the boys, are desperate to help them when Banger and Tarasco become suspects in a local arson and double-murder. Los Duros examines the role of fate in the lives of a generation of forgotten children; can love achieve redemption for a tortured father and raise the hope that origin does not constitute destiny? This is a crucial and timely story of a place that seems far away, but exists in the darkest recesses of our America and its dissipated dream.




Jasminne Méndez. Island of Dreams. ISBN 978-1493580880. $13.95.

“My family has been forced to live like an island with no political party, president, or official language. We are not of any “new world” Columbus discovered. We are not Dominican enough or American enough to call either place home. We live and love with one foot on the ground and one foot in the sea.”

This is how Jasminne Méndez describes what it was like for her to grow up a Dominican American military brat. Always feeling like a foreigner in both lands because people want to know “where you from,” and “how do you know Spanish?”



Book Tours


Raquel Valle-Sentíes and Doris Mercado have been engaged in promotional book signings in Texas and Massachusetts, respectively. Valle-Sentíes' book of poemsThe Ones Santa Anna Sold has attracted the attention of the local press and attendance to her readings has been very high.




Doris Mercado. The Armor of Love and Hope. Edited by Yasmeen Namazie. ISBN 978-1494245993. $24.95.

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. Doris Mercado’s memoir is one of perseverance and reconciliation, reminiscent of Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life and Ernesto Galarza’s Barrio Boy. Her story is partly one of family but also one of self-reliance, recounting her troubled childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico and also poverty and homelessness in Massachusetts. What I most admired in the work was the author’s frankness, her ability to portray family truths so intimately and honestly. –John Paul Jaramillo, author of The House of Order Stories.






New Releases

Among the outstanding new releases we have the following titles:

Migrant Earth. By Ramón Mesa Ledesma. ISBN:13: 978-1-888205-53-4. $22.95

Migrant Earth very eloquently documents the travels and travails of a family of Mexican migrant workers as they wander the Western United States in the 1940s and 1950s. These poignant tales paint the life and death struggle of a family living on the periphery of a dominant white culture that simultaneously loathed and needed them. They owned but the clothes on their backs and lived in rat infested labor camps throughout the Pacific Northwest.







Reflections of a Hispanic Teacher: Resistance to class and racial oppression in the classroom. José-Enrique Figueroa. ISBN: 978-1-888205-56-5. $24.95

This book offers a much-needed progressive-critical perspective of American education based on the experiences of a Hispanic teacher dealing with real issues in the classroom. Reflecting on twenty-one years of teaching in the trenches of the South Bronx and in the City of Yonkers, his background andupbringing as a Puerto Rican immigrant, and his family's struggle to ensure he was well educated, he now sees a failed education system laying blame in all the wrong places.

Intertwining real world teaching experience with pedagogic theories, vivid childhood stories of his grandfather, real life trials and tribulations of students in the classroom, and the values and dreams Hispanic writers pour into their poetry and prose, the author shows the complexity of the social order, its influence on education, and the reasons for perceived educational failures. Exploring pedagogic theories, we see that prevailing reform theories, such as inclusion, fail to recognize education in the context of the social order. Children need to be taught individually; their intellectual, emotional, and behavioral needs cannot fit into a one-size-fits-all model. But how can we satisfy individual needs in a non-negative context? Systems, such as MicroSociety, that contextualize schools in an economics-based environment recognize a false social order, trap children in a system that in reality is littered with racism and classism, promote consumerism and same-ism, and stymie creativeexpression.



Once in a Lifetime. Chris Campanioni. ISBN 13: 978-1-888205-54-1. $11.95

    Fifty poems and one day provide the footage for Fifty poems and one day provide the footage for Chris Campanioni’s Once in a Lifetime (a film in four acts). But even time gradually dissolves in this coming-of-age drama interlaced with pop music, the age of Internet and status updates, cinema and celebrity, memories of Cuba and Poland, and the passage to the United States. Runtime: 24 hours.

    “Incredible stuff here, truly. If readers looked no further than the wordplay and love of language and rhythm, they’d be delighted. But there is so much going on below the surface, which I guess is also one of the author’s many points. Visceral and moving.” — Across the Margin.

    “I love Campanioni’s poetry . . . reminiscent of the leading Chicano poet Luis Omar Salinas. Cheekiness and delicateness all in one.” — Rosebud Magazine.

    “In his follow-up to the award-winning In Conversation, Campanioni doesn’t just re-invent form, he tries to re-create language via a collision of cultures and pop referents. He doesn’t rely on his formal tricks and the result is a poignancy and intimacy we haven’t seen before. Once in a Lifetime is equal parts cut-up and confessional.” — Giancarlo Lombardi, Professor of Italian and Comparative. Literature, College of Staten Island & Graduate Center/CUNY.



Xavier and the Bully. Xavier y el Chico Malo. Ronald W. Lemley Macías. Colección Floricanto Juvenil. ISBN:13: 978-1505209136. $12.95

When the roof of their old school fell in, Xavier and his friends are transferred to a newer school at the edge of the city.
They wondered if a group of Spanish speaking kids from the farm lands of the west county would get along in the new place.
Xavier had driven by it a few times with his father and it looked like a big white castle surrounded by gardens. What were the students like? Xavier hoped that they weren’t creepy or mean like the tricky Jones boys on the Kid’s Network.

Cuando se cayó el techo de su vieja escuela, Xavier y sus amigos fueron transferidos a una escuela nueva en el borde de la ciudad.
Se preguntaban si un grupo de niños de habla hispana de las tierras agrícolas de la provincia al oeste pudiera llevarse bien en el nuevo lugar.
Xavier había pasado por alli un par de veces con su padre y parecía un gran castillo blanco rodeado de jardines. ¿Cómo serían los estudiantes? Xavier esperaba que no fueran tan difíciles como los chicos malos Jones del Kid’s Network.


líderes latinos del siglo XXI: Latinas y latinos que están transformando la sociedad. Kayla S. García. ISBN-13: 978-1888205527. $26.95

Los líderes y activistas latinos retratados en este libro están transformando nuestra sociedad. Han hecho contribuciones significativas a nuestros sistemas legal, político y educacional. Este texto incluye historias comprensivas de hombres y mujeres que han desafiado las bajas expectativas de sus maestros, han superado serias adversidades, han establecido importantes precedentes sociales y han dedicado muchísimo tiempo ayudando a otras personas a conseguir sus propias metas. Estos individuos siguen activos en una gran variedad de profesiones y organizaciones a nivel local, estatal, nacional, e internacional. Sus vidas constituyen pruebas irrefutables de que es posible superar obstáculos tales como la pobreza, la discriminación, las enfermedades graves, y las agotadoras responsabilidades familiares para arribar a metas sobresalientes.  



Valley Rising: a South-Texan’s Journey from the Migratory Fields to Successful Eye Surgeon. Gilberto Aguirre, M.D. ISBN 13: 978-1888205503 $25.95.

Valley Rising is a powerful reflection—of a sincere man dedicated to the betterment of his Mexican American people—on the very deep, personal, structural and historical root causes of segregation and its dehumanizing effects. a personal and intimate story of the life of Gilberto Aguirre growing from infant to successful physician. From living in the barrio to a respectful neighborhood, you meet his family, friends, teachers, coaches and fellow workers that make up his multiply divided world of many social, economic and racial tensions. You experience the agonies and the joys, the frustrations and dreams, the painful insults and encouraging moments, and most of all the hard work fueled by the deep commitment to overcome the inferiority complex by achieving success without losing his Mexican American soul.


Two outstanding novels with diverse settings and intriguing plots, Puerto Rico and the East LA barrio.

Surrounding Sea, by Robert Friedman, a seasoned Puerto Rican investigative reporter, tells, based on real events, the dramatic story of student protests against the U.S. Navy’s bombing exercises that have caused illness, environmental damages and death on the offshore island of Vieques. This courageous novel brings the tranquil and bucolic life of the Island in direct conflct with the Pentagon and the military industrial complex.





Only a born poet could do what Marco a. Vasquez has done with Steven Isn’t Normal. This novel is as much about voice and what a master can do with language as it is about his fascinating story and characters. His work sings like Gwendolyn Brooks’ fiction, but it is rooted in the complex and ominous world of Steven’s East Los Angeles. --John Brantingham, author of The Greens of Sunset and Let Us All Pray Now toOur Own Strange Gods.




The Tortilla Maker tells a story of Ignacia, who in 1913, reluctantly entered--forced by her desperate mother--into an arranged marriage to an older, prosperous rancher in Sonora, Mexico. Ignacia, affectionately called Nana by her grandchildren, fought her abusive husband to protect her five children, among them Ramona, the author’s mother. Nana’s husband suddenly died of pneumonia leaving her once again destitute and now with five small children of her own. Nana--determined to find a better life--walked over a hundred miles with her children in tow for weeks, to reach the nearest city. This brave and exciting memoir recounts Nana’s, her daughter Ramona’s, and (Ramona’s son) the author Jesus’s amazing journey from third-world poverty to American prosperity.



Among the outstanding Poetry releases, we have


The Delirium of Simon Bolivar. El delirio de Simón Bolívar. By Tina Datsko de Sánchez. Translated by José Sánchez-H., Foreword by Edward James Olmos. ISBN 978-1888205343. $25.95.

The author also refers at times to things that can seem simple, but with the punctuality of the cruel reality of a fierce suffering, as if making it normal and part of daily life. All of that carries the reader to another dimension; her poetry in this sense might be called almost “magic.” Poems that travel across time and space, among the infinite dimensions of the universe. The metaphors that are included in the volume are also of an artistic depth without equal. The author is an architect of poetry that is sincere, authentic, and spontaneous. One might say it is poetry inspired by the instinct of the heart.” —Valentina Casagrande, ARCI– FILMSTUDIO ’90 de Vares.


Por caminos errantes, by Lima, Robert. ISBN: 978-1494354367 $14.95

The poems evoke desire and physical presence, and the sharing of his personal experience of his relationship to the objects and places in the temporal world. It is an explication for why his own impressions are vitally important. His voice does not allow us to look away from his lyrical experience. Una colección de poemas en castellano por Robert Lima.




Desire I Remember, but Love No, by Sergio Téllez, translated by Dr. Don Cellini. ISBN 978-1484082409. $11.95.

What happens when a young poet in Mexico City writes about his coming out experiences? In No recuerdo el amor sino el deseo / Desire I remember but love, no the author shares these first steps: new romances, one-night-stands, unreturned phone calls, erotic adventures and disillusionments. What we discover is that these experiences are not unique to one individual, but belong to all of us. Sergio Téllez-Pon is one of Mexico’s leading poets of queer identity, but his work until now has been almost unknown in the United States. With Don Cellini’s lucid translation of No recuerdo el amor sino el deseo, Téllez-Pon’s sultry and lyrical poetry comes alive for an English-speaking readership.




Poems of Ramón López Velarde. López Velarde, Ramón. Edited and translated by Mark Jacobs. ISBN: 978-1494243791 $22.95


“The essential and supreme poet of our extensive Americas.” —Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda

“lópez Velarde is the most admired and most carefully studied poet in Mexico . . . [He] left us a few poems . . . so perfect that it is foolish to lament those that death prevented him from writing.”—Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz

“lópez Velarde . . . was a wonder.” —Jorge Luis Borges





Concepción, Leslie. A Most Memorable Quinceañera. Una Quinceañera Muy Memorable. ISBN: 978-1494253776 $14.95

Latino Fiction

Latino Fiction Coming of age; Hispanic literature, Latino literature Social life and customs

This is a coming of age story about two cousins, who are the best of friends. While her cousin, Lala is thrilled to enter womanhood, Mimi is not so enthusiastic and doesn’t feel she is ready for all the social responsibilities that come along with being a woman. The girls will learn to stick together and that the bond between family is stronger than any rite of passage. A very elaborate descriptive and story about the conflicts and tribulations in a young girls’ life as she enters womanhood. Everyone needs a Tia Emmi in their life. By Judy Paneto-Roman






A Century of Pachangas, by Betty Serra; ISBN: 978-1491259207 $19.95

a Century of Pachangas (parties) is a deluxe package of celebrations, featuring ribbon-cutting family drama. The helium balloons in this pachanga are a series of inflated scandals due to infidelity, lunatic rage and psychological imbalances. Like all families, there is loss and tragedy, but resilience triumphs over their fixations and shortcomings.






Doris Mercado’s memoir The Armor of Love and Hope is a heart-felt narrative of perseverance, reconciliation, poverty and homelessness in Massachusetts with poetry.

Doris Mercado. The Armor of Love and Hope. Edited by Yasmeen Namazie. ISBN 978-1494245993. $24.95.

This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. Doris Mercado’s memoir is one of perseverance and reconciliation, reminiscent of Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life and Ernesto Galarza’s Barrio Boy. Her story is partly one of family but also one of self-reliance, recounting her troubled childhood in Ponce, Puerto Rico and also poverty and homelessness in Massachusetts. What I most admired in the work was the author’s frankness, her ability to portray family truths so intimately and honestly. –John Paul Jaramillo, author of The House of Order Stories.






Jasminne Méndez. Island of Dreams. ISBN 978-1493580880. $13.95.

“My family has been forced to live like an island with no political party, president, or official language. We are not of any “new world” Columbus discovered. We are not Dominican enough or American enough to call either place home. We live and love with one foot on the ground and one foot in the sea.”

This is how Jasminne Méndez describes what it was like for her to grow up a Dominican American military brat. Always feeling like a foreigner in both lands because people want to know “where you from,” and “how do you know Spanish?”





Kayla García. Latino and Latina Leaders of the 21st Century: Ordinary Beginnings, Extraordinary Outcomes. ISBN: 978-1888205480 $24.95




Floricanto Non-Fiction titles range from historical writings, essays on cultural and linguistic conflict, philosophy, governance and political and economic discourse, accounts of Latino insurrection and biographies, both collective and individual. a critical aspect of our non-fiction titles is that include essays and account on contemporary issues, such immigration,deportations, and social upheaval caused by both local and federal governments. We include also titles about citizenship and naturalization. Two outstanding titles are Latino and latina Leaders of the 21st Century, an authoritative collective biography by Kayla García.





Shattered Dreams: The story of a historic ICE raid in the words of the detainees. By Gibbs, Virginia, and Luz María Hernández, Editors. ISBN: 978-1491086377 $22.95

“This is a joint publication of Floricanto and Berkeley Presses. In May of 2008, the small town of Postville, Iowa, experienced an Immigration Raid in which nearly 400 Latino immigrant workers in the meat processing industry were arrested. The Postville Raid, the second largest in U.S. history, was the first and last of its kind. Instead of immediately deporting the undocumented, they were tried in groups of ten on charges of identity theft and then sent to jail for 5 ½ months. a group of 40 women were arrested but released with GPS monitors on their ankles so that they could care for young children, and were held in Postville for over a year during which they were not allowed to work to support their families. These are the life stories, told in their own words, of some of the workers who were affected by the raid.