Teresa McKenna and Flora Ida Ortiz. The Educational Experience of Hispanic American Women: The Broken Web. ISBN 0942177002. $19.95.

La Mujer Latina Series. A most revealing anthology of essays and exposé on the failure of publicly funded institutions to provide and encourage the educational attainment and achievement of Hispanic American women. It also reveals that private parochial schools do by contrast a much better job in educating Hispanic women. It provides evidence that Hispanic women outperform in terms of academic achievement and aspirations Hispanic males, Anglo males and Anglo females and Blacks in parochial schools. Hispanic women are most definitely an academic success story that needs to be communicated to the public at large. Because of this success, the focus of the discussion of the education of Hispanics needs to be switched from the students to the performance of public schools. Parochial schools operate with fewer resources but a greater commitment to minority students. Hispanic American women respond to that commitment with academic excellence.