Hernández, Fernando. The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States: A collective biography. ISBN: 978-1888205411 $23.95

This is a publication of Floricanto Press. The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States chronicles the Cuban immigration to the United States from the 1800s to the present era. The author analyzes the impact the Cuban community has had on the cultural, economic, social, sports, and political scene in American society throughout multiple generations. Cuban immigrants have been one of the most successful communities in the United States. The book examines the contribution to baseball from Martín Dihigo to Tony Pérez and from Ernesto Lecuona to Gloria Estefan in music. In business circles the reader will discover that The Coca Cola Company, the Kellogg Company and McDonalds Corporation had Cuban-born Chief Executive Officers and that Movado watch company was owned by a refugee who fled communist Cuba. The book vividly depicts more than 250 extraordinary and intriguing men and women that make for engrossing and captivating reading. This informative and insightful work is highly recommended for Cuban-Americans, all Latinos and for those who enjoy reading about successful and trailblazing new Americans. Fernando “Fernán” Hernández is married and makes his home in Miami where he is a professor. He has written two Spanish-language books, Potaje (www.alexlib.com/potaje) and Lo que aprendí de mi perro (www.alexlib.com/miperro). His work also appears in the anthology Un Horizonte Literario: Poesías, Cuentos y Algo Más.

It is puzzling how the memories of a nine-year old child were kept intact to share with us more than forty years later some of his memories…virtually his feelings are so real you can touch the untouchable joy, pain, his love for his people, for his country of so long ago. Honoring his roots, the author goes on a journey traveling from years past to the present time. While reading the pages I found dedication, precise statistics, as well as stories that come alive of a great number of people that forced by destiny had to redirect their lives. These are the Cuban immigrants, some exiled by force, others born of these exiled people. Julie Pujol-Karel, Poet, Texas.