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Release date August 3rd.

César Chávez y la Unión: una historia victoriosa de los de abajo. By Víctor Fuentes. Leyla Namazie, editor. ISBN 978-1511639934. $24.95.

To be published by Floricanto Press, this ground-breaking book—written in Spanish—by Dr. Víctor Fuentes, Professor Emeritus of the University of California, is the most comprehensive illustrated and well-documented biography of César Chávez. It describes his life and strife as a labor and political leader of farm workers in the California fields of tears. This is a social, political and agricultural labor biography of the unique and well suited leader that helped bring about such landmark improvements of farm workers’ welfare and economic conditions. Inspired by advocates of nonviolence, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, he sought to redress economic deficiencies and injustices in the agricultural fields of California. He was the driving force behind seminal events, such as the creation of the United Farm Workers Union, the organization of nationwide boycotts and marches against the large farming enterprises and growers. Deeply religious and committed to the cause, La Causa, Cesar Chávez lived to see the gains he had so hardly fought for. The book is greatly complemented by rare photographs of his life and the labor struggles he successfully led. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net

Este importante libro biográfico e ilustrado es publicado por Floricanto Press. Conmemorando el 50 aniversario del gran triunfo de la Huelga de la Uva, iniciada el verano de 1965, este libro compagina el estudio de la historia de la Unión de Campesinos con el de la persona de César Chávez. Se divide en dos partes con ocho capítulos.  La primera parte, tras evocar cómo César, de niño y adolescente, vivió en carne propia la explotación y el sufrimiento de los campesinos, y de tratar de su forja como gran líder comunitario y laboral, se ocupa de la gesta que llevó a la Unión, bajo su dirección, a lograr algo antes nunca conseguido en la historia del país por los trabajadores campesinos. En la segunda parte, se historia de cómo, y con sus altibajos, la Unión llegó a un gran ápice a mediados y finales de los años 70. Con su infatigable dinamismo y entrega, César Chávez, en su última década, se mantuvo vivo, para los otros, hasta la muerte. Y el grito liberador de la Unión y de la Causa campesina, “Sí se puede”, se ha convertido en un grito universal de cuantos luchan contra fuerzas detractoras aparentemente inexpugnables. 






Release date September 7th.

What a Barrio Life, Ese! ¡Ay, Qué Padre es la vida! By Félix Figueroa. Leyla Namazie Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511887687 $24.95.

To be published by Floricanto Press, this book is an assemblage of characters embedded in humorous stories rooted in barrio life and culture. The author’s father, Félix G. Figueroa, and his brother-in-law Edward García shared many of these stories with the author when he was a young boy. The narrative has been masterfully interwoven with real personal accounts; Mexican-American folklore, culture and tradition; and lots of dichos. It tells the story of one familia—the Porfirio Parcelona family—comprised of a womanizing, beer drinking, always scheming father; an overbearing, extremely religious Catholic mother; a large number of brothers and a hopelessly romantic, overly large older sister.

Félix Figueroa describes a Latino family surrounded by a congregation of characters—typical of barrio social life and customs—embedded in stories and situations, which represent the barrio as a most sui generis socially active quarters. Figueroa bring us a vivacious and veridical narrative of a vigorous social space inhabited by gang members, the unemployed, the government welfare dependents, business owners, and average hard-working class folks, whose factual and metaphorical boundaries are enclaved in culture, language, and predicated in everyday endurance and active struggle. The barrio life streams day-by-day observations, struggles, and night-by-night clashes among affectionate relatives and acquaintances facing existential dilemmas. There is no better book to immerse oneself in a Latino barrio-neighborhood life. Leyla Namazie, LatinoBooks.net

Release date July 5th

¡Haz Dinero y Triunfa! Sigue ¡¡El Plan del Dr. Hugo!!
By Dr. Hugo Santibañez
. Leyla Namazie, editor. ISBN 978-1511926034. $12.95.


To be published by Floricanto Press, this ground-breaking book—written in Spanish—by Dr. Hugo Santibañez is a handbook—for Latino workers—designed to provide low-income wage-earners a way to accumulate wealth, adopt sound values and practices about money and develop a basic concepts of finances to achieve economic freedom and wealth for their retirement. LatinoBooks.Net

Este es un libro que fue escrito con el propósito de instruir, educar, y proveer a los lectores un plan de éxito financiero en su vida personal hasta el retiro o jubilación de aquellos que han hecho el cometido y compromiso personal de seguir el plan de Dr. Hugo. Este es un libro práctico que está basado en las reglas financieras prevalentes y las experiencias personales del Dr. Hugo Santibáñez.

•             Si usted siguiera el plan del Dr. Hugo alcanzaría un éxito garantido de jubilarse y llegar al retiro con un o más millones.

•             Usted puede salir del nivel de pobreza a niveles superiores. Con un poco de esfuerzo, dedicación y disciplina.

•             Este plan tiene raíces porque está basado en principios financieros sólidos.

•             Dr. Hugo comparte con usted sus exitosas ideas financieras, considerando que mucha gente rica no lo hace.






Release date October 12th

Luck is Just the Beginning (tentative title). By Celeste León.


Celeste León is an award winning author. Her passion for the past ten years has been writing Luck is Just the Beginning, the novel inspired by her father’s life, due to be published by Floricanto Press in the fall. The novel tells her father’s story: how he won the lottery and then used his winnings to overcome tremendous obstacles to bring medical care into his village of Maunabo, Puerto Rico.

Celeste’s award winning short stories, A Lucky Man, and Sharing Luck, were published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating People Who Make a difference, as well as in www.beliefnet.com and www.storyhouse.org. Both stories are adaptations that ultimately grew into her novel Luck is Just the Beginning. Celeste is a 2013 alumnus of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. She is also a physical therapist and lives in Truckee, CA, with her family.






Release date December 12th

María's Purgatorio. By Patrick Fontes, Ph.D.C.










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