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Floricanto Press, the premier Hispanic/Latino publisher west of the Mississippi, has been, since its inception in 1982, releasing seminal works reflecting the current Latino literary, socio-political, economic and cultural dialogue. Floricanto Press has three main series: La Mujer Latina that focuses on Latina creative writings and monographic works on Latina social, political and historical discourse; Nuestra Historia that captures historical writings and Latino historiography; and The Sephardim, a series devoted to the Sephardim in the Americas.

These internships involve editing or providing the graphic designs for manuscripts accepted for publication. This opportunity provides the prospective intern with an avenue to tap into the publishing market. Interested students may submit a current resume to internships@floricantopress.com

For specific information about Editing Internships read below:


We currently offer to college students online editing and graphic design internships. These are unpaid internships for credits on the title page upon publication as full editor or graphic designer of the titles under their purview.

This is how the system works in a nutshell: We send you by e-mail a manuscript or the specifications for the designs for a title, which has been accepted for publication. The manuscript needs to be edited or the graphic design completed within an agreed period of time (generally one or two months). The book is submitted for publication with the name of the author, the editor and graphic designer on the title page of the book. The interns get five copies of the published title to present for graduate school admissions or prospective employers. Please, see samples of published titles on our website.

Interns not only gain exposure for their writing, or graphic design skills, but receive added benefits as well, such as being listed as an editor or graphic designer on all our affiliated institutions, such public and university libraries, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com, book catalogs, and all our associated websites.

 Be an Editor or Graphic Designer for the Industry

  Gain experience writing or designing for us to:

  • Earn book credits, exposure and establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Refer employers to professionally published examples of your writing to obtain a position as a full-time, or apply to graduate schools or academic positions.
  • Show-off the best examples of your books to graduate schools, employers, family, and friends.
  • Your titles will appear on all of our sites with just one click, giving you local, national, and international exposure.


Silent Herons. By Selfa Chew. Toshiya Kamei, translator. Yasmeen Namazie, editor. ISBN 978-1888205442. $24.95.

On December 7, 1941, a Japanese suicide squadron attacked Pearl Harbor, marking the beginning of the Pacific War against Japan in all fronts. After this event, the U.S. and its military engaged in an unforgiving and furious campaign against Japan, which reached Mexico and hundreds of Mexican citizens. This offensive took place gradually and systematically in the Mexican Republic. Japanese immigrants—and their (Mexican) descendants in Mexico—suffered, as in the United States, the consequences of World War II in various ignominious ways: some families were sent to concentration camps in Mexico City and Guadalajara, while others were destroyed by the selective detention of hundreds of men in the Perote Prison, the forced sale of their property, and deportation. This book gives a partial account of the history and reprehensible treatment of the Japanese-Mexican community during World War II in Mexico. The task of narrating this story is so complex that it is necessary to incorporate interviews, legal documents, police reports, memoirs, poems, and short stories. All names have been changed, and while some situations are fictional, others are told in the first person by those affected to give the reader a human dimension.

Latino and Latina Leaders of the 21st Century:: Ordinary Beginnings, Extraordinary Outcomes.García , Kayla (Kay). ISBN: 978-1888205480 $24.95

“ This book is published jointly by Floricanto Press and Berkeley Press. Latino issues are everybody’s issues. The Latino and Latina leaders portrayed in this book have made valuable contributions to our social, legal, political and educational systems. This book provides comprehensive stories of courageous men and women who have defied expectations, overcome adversity, set precedents, and dedicated significant time and energy to helping others achieve their goals. Active locally, nationally, and internationally in a variety of professions, these individuals offer proof that ordinary or even humble origins can lead to extraordinary accomplishments. This collective biography expounds on well-known and otherwise Latino leaders who are at the front of their fields. It includes well-known individuals, such as Sonia Sotomayor, First Latina on the Supreme Court; Dolores Huerta, Union Organizer and Community Activist; Jorge Ramos, News Anchor and Advocate; John Haroldson and María Chávez-Haroldson, District Attorney and Leadership Facilitator; and Sandra Cisneros, Author and Activist. It includes, as well, many others, such as Julián Castro, Mayor of San Antonio; Nydia Velázquez, Representative for New York; Luis Gutiérrez, Representative for Illinois; Marco Rubio, Senator for Florida. It also comprises leaders in fields of education, community activism, and literary figures such as Cherríe Moraga, Advocate for LGBTQ, Latinos, and Indigenous People, and Elena Poniatowska, an internationally known ally to Latinos.



Floricanto Press offers university students online editing internships. These are unpaid internships for credits on the title page upon publication as full editor or co-editor of the titles under their purview. This internship involves co-editing manuscripts accepted for publication, working closely with our editors and authors, preparing compelling descriptions for the review media, finalizing manuscripts for printing. This opportunity provides the prospective intern with the opportunity to build from campus--without ever setting foot on our premises or commuting--a solid resume in preparation for graduate school, professional schools, or doctoral programs.
Interested students may submit a current resume and letter of interest to: internships@floricantopress.com.

WHO QUALIFIES: Full-time, currently enrolled, undergraduate or graduate students not due to graduate or enter a professional school or doctoral program before June 2008. Candidates must attend a higher education institution in the United States, must have excellent command of English. Knowledge of Spanish and Ladino is a plus.

: Our internships are un-paid and last 10 months, generally from September through June, however they may commence anytime the intern is available. It is expected that the intern will complete at least 3 book titles during the length of the program.

HOW DOES IT WORK: We send you by e-mail a manuscript, which has been accepted for publication, with the specifications for editing and deadlines within which the it needs to be completed (generally one or two months). The book is submitted for publication with the name of the author, the editor or co-editor (the intern) on the title page of the book. Interns get ten free copies of the published title to present for graduate or post-graduate school admissions. Please, see samples of published titles on our website.

HOW TO APPLY: Fax, mail, e-mail, or post in our web your resume and a cover letter indicating your interest in this internship .