Luck is Just the Beginning. By Celeste León. Leyla Namazie, Editor. ISBN 978-1511639934. $23.95.


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When nineteen-year-old Ramón León wins the Puerto Rican lottery, his dream of establishing the first dental and medical clinic in his village becomes achievable. But a chain of catastrophic events intervenes. Luck is Just the Beginning is not only an enchanting story of the joys and sorrows of family, but also the saga of one man’s determination to see his dream through.
Luck is Just the Beginning is the gripping story of heartbreak, courage and self-sacrifice, of one man’s struggle to find the right path to his dream. It will take your breath away and warm your heart.
David Sundstrand, author of Shadow of the Raven, Shadows of Death

Celeste León takes the reader on a deeply affecting voyage, balancing “the luckiest man in Maunabo’s” dreams and aspirations against the push and pull of a tightly-knit community. Emotionally pitch-perfect and skillfully written, this historical novel transports the reader on an unforgettable journey to a time and place most of us have never known.
Désirée Zamorano, author of The Amado Women

Luck is Just the Beginning announces the arrival of a gifted and intuitive writer whose heart, grace, and compassion will surely win her a devoted readership. With skill and precision, Celeste León explores the complexities of family, home, and heritage in a refreshing, new way. León’s debut novel places her among the most exciting Latina writers working today.
Alex Espinoza, author of The Five Acts of Diego León, Still Water Saints
Celeste León’s award-winning stories were published in: Chicken Soup for the Soul, Celebrating People Who Make a Difference, the Preservation.

This novel brings drama, love, family, and ambition knit together in a broad landscape of Latin culture and values. The protagonist in a small Puerto Rican village outright purchases the very same lotto number, which have been bought for decades by a wealthy merchant lotto player. With that slip and corresponding windfall, Ramón wins the lotto and gains a dangerous antagonist who will plague Ramón’s life and enrich this vibrant story.
His ambition to become a dentist trained in the U.S. mainland is the driving force through peaks and valleys of hard life, complex family issues, unreturned and unconsummated love. Celeste León’s novel is captivating, fluenttly written and absorbing.
Leyla Namazie--LatinoBooks.Net


Foundation, and She won First Prize for her essay, “Finding Home,” about her travels to Puerto Rico in search of her family roots, awarded by High Sierra Writers in Reno, Nevada.
Ms. León is a physical therapist who lives in Truckee, CA with her family. Visit her at or



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