Carmen Ollé. Noches de Adrenalina\Nights of Adrenaline. Translated by Anne Archer. La Mujer Latina. English/Spanish bilingual parallel text. ISBN: 0-915745-46-1. $14.95.

"CAUTION: Nights of Adrenaline is a text of intense, incisive, and extreme violence--but also, paradoxically, and at certain moments, of an almost innocent tenderness. The obsessive exploration of the feminine condition, exploration of body and mind and of their unstable and intermingled overlappings, as well as of a woman's conflictive social placement in a world made neither by nor for her, yields a tension that is highly explosive in a poetry that relinquishes nothing: not the banal, not the quotidian, not the obscene.

Carmen Ollé is one of the most important Latin American poets of the twentieth century." Antonio Cornejo Polar, University of California at Berkeley and Universidad de San Marcos, Lima.

"An exceptional translation that succeeds in putting the same tough questions to the English reader that Carmen Ollé poses to her own Spanish language. Anne Archer has understood that Ollé's powerful Peruvian voice had to be translated from the site of the female body that produced it--and that to transmit the power of Ollé's poetry . . . So Archer does not yield to easy lexical equivalencies. Rather she brings Ollé across in an unflinching feat of language as a code of bodily resistance and translation as a gendered act. This bilingual edition has the courage to confront us with both extraordinary creations." Maureen Ahern, The Ohio State University.