The Little Refugee. Authored and illustrated by Jon Clark. ISBN:978-1546642916. $14.95. 8.5 x 8.5. color, 34 pgs.

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This book is published by Floricanto Press. Ana–which spelled backwards is “Ana”, by the way–doesn't know what a refugee is but she does miss her home in Venezuela where she had friends, and loved eating arepas! Join her on her journey to make new ones–arepas and friends in America. This is a fun and heartfelt story.  

Jon Clark, the author and illustrator, met a Venezuelan refugee family and was inspired to write and illustrate this profoundly sincere story of a little girl caught between her roots and awakening to the new, welcoming, and friendly place in America. Jon does not dwell in the fears and preoccupations of a young newcomer but rather in an uplifting hope for her future in America. This book deeply touches the heart and soul what has always meant "coming to America." www.LatinoBook.Net