Floricanto Press     

Sales and Orders

Book Ordering Guidelines

Individual Orders

To order Floricanto Press books you can visit our website and press the Buy Now green button and make the purchase with your credit card. You may also order by mail, phone, or fax.

Sales Office:

Floricanto Press

7177 Walnut Canyon Road

Moore Park, California 93021-1110

Phone: 415-793-2662 Fax: 800-528-3175

Email: sales@floricantopress.com

Trade Book Orders

A 20% discount (minimum of five copies) is available to university bookstores and teachers for their classes. For instructor's copies please fax your request on university letterhead to 800-528-3175, free of charge after textbook adoption.

See below for returns policy.

Librarians' Orders for Floricanto Press books are also available from major library jobbers and from book wholesalers, including BMI Educational Services, Baker & Taylor, Blackwell North America, Book Wholesalers Inc., The Booksource, Bound to Stay Bound, Brodart, Children's Library Resources, Coutts Library Service, Follett Library Book, Ingram Book Company, Mackin Library Media, Midwest Library Service, Product Search International, Rainbow Book Company, Saddleback Educational, and Yankee Book Peddler.

Retail Discount Schedule:

1 copy = 0% 2-4 copies = 20% 5-24 copies = 43% 25-99 copies = 45% 100+ copies = 46%

Wholesalers Discount Schedule:

1 copy = 0% 2-4 copies = 20% 5-24 copies = 50% 25-99 copies = 53% 100+ copies = 55%

Discounts cannot be processed for online orders; please call, fax, or mail us orders that will require a discount. A 50% discount is available on books that are non-returnable. For more information, contact Floricanto Press customer service at 415-793-2662. All retailers orders must be pre-paid.

STOP Orders: 40% off with prepayment plus postage.


Returns may be sent by retailers and wholesalers without prior approval within 30 days of purchase and are for credit only. Books returned must not be out of print and in salable condition, otherwise they will be returned to the owner at the owner's expense. Books that have or have had price stickers on them or containing autographs will not be considered salable. Please include the invoice and account numbers with returns.

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