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Submissions I

Book Submissions Guidelines

 1. Electronically submit your manuscript as an attachment with a cover letter including estimated word count of complete work and brief author biography.  Please, send an electronic SASE if you would like a response. The manuscript shall not exceed 80,000 words or 250 printed pages.  Please ALWAYS include a cover letter and a bio with your submission. We need electronic submissions. No hard copy is necessary, we hug trees and respect nature. All electronic manuscripts must be submitted to editor@floricantopress.com in ASCII (pc) format in English or in Spanish and English bilingual, and signed contracts must be sent via post mail to:  Floricanto Press  ATTN.: Editor, 7177 Walnut Canyon Rd., Moorpark, California 93021-1110.

Please, do not certify your mail. Not only is expensive for you, but we cannot sign mailings, thus we do not accept certified mail. (Our mailbox is over one mile away.)

We require the license for the print and non-print versions of the title, such as eBooks. Generally, we publish in hardcopy and then gradually move the titles into the eBook Collection.

 2. English texts or English/Spanish bilingual is always recommendable. We publish Spanish manuscripts, particularly if they have been written by leading authors, such as Nobel Prize laureates, or well known national authors. In doubt, please, submit it.

 3.  We prefer non-fiction. But fiction, romance, self-help or poetry are also welcome. Professional and business submissions, such as “How to succeed exporting to Latin America,” are welcome. Will the book be published in a hardcover or softcover version?  Probably softcover, but that decision we'll be made at the end. How many copies will be printed? Our first run as a rule is contracted for several thousands. We publish sometimes on demand. If the book keep selling we'll reprint. We have had books in print for the last twenty years.

 4. Look at our list of issue thematic categories and gear your book towards one of them.  Occasionally we’ll list specific topics that we prefer to publish. See below.

 5. Please gear your book toward Hispanic themes. Floricanto Press focuses on people and trends, and examines a broad spectrum of cultural issues reflecting society and its structures, the spiritual, psychological and the human. Because a large proportion of our readers are Mexican Americans, the press often addresses topics of interest to this audience. But we are interested in all creative, scholarly, and social science writings about Cuban Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and Latin Americans, particularly if that group has a large presence in the United States. Specifically, our press seeks writings about political, social and economic issues from a Latino perspective; biographical pieces profiling Latino individuals, featuring Latino communities, such as The Salvation of La Purísima, and locales. We also are interested in Peninsular Spanish writings as it pertains to the Americas and Sephardic themes and writers.

 6. Upon acceptance of a submission you will be sent a written contract, which you MUST sign and execute, and return via the postal system within 30 days. Signatures are still not acceptable via fax or modem --we need it in hardcopy for it to be a legally binding contract. We request a brief biography (no more than 5 paragraphs) to be sent along with it. This will also be published along the lines of the back cover or page of a book regarding its author. If you deem necessary to have your picture on the back cover or dust jacket, please, send it along. Make sure you write your name and title of book on the back of the photo.

 7. We accept multiple submissions. We may accept previously printed books but will hold the author entirely responsible for all legal disputes arising from the reselling of past rights. Check past contracts on work that has been previously published and secure written releases from prior publishers!

 8.  While it is recognized that works often involve reference to the ideas, data and conclusions of other authors, make sure that such references be explicitly and clearly noted; and if large sections are used, that proper permissions accompany the submissions. See section III.

Graphic Objects

Photographs, illustrations, drawings and graphic objects:

1. The press does not buy photos or digital graphics from writers nor pays royalties for art used on the cover or interior of a book. 2. However, if submissions require and include photos, illustrations, or graphic objects, these must be in digital format, such as .gif or .jpeg. or .PING and in 300 dpi, and positives. DO NOT SEND NEGATIVES OR SLIDES! Graphic materials which are not used will be delted or destroyed. 3. Photos must be clear, of GOOD digital QUALITY (300 dpi) to enhance your book. 4. Unless, it is an illustrated children's book, all graphic in the interior of the book is B&W. Ideally there should not be more than 5 graphics or photos per book. 5. The cover is always in full color printed in gloss paper.



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"Por nuestra cultura hablarán nuestros libros."

"Our books shall speak for our culture."

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