Yearners. By Marco Portales. ISBN: 978-1540879189 250 pages. $23.95

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Yearners hope, pray, and wish life would be different, with needs shaping developments. Individual circumstances lead to short and long-term goals and desires, engendering, among other issues, men who heed women from those who do not. 
In "Yearners," Herson Moya and family members, friends, and closest employees weigh Herson’s prospects while he considers a run for Texas governor. His acquaintances know the world as it exists, yet spend their days on options that should improve life. But the status quo is not easily changed. Realities appear to have been created by design, and kept in place by forces that counter demographics. The status quo seems immovable, resisting human effort. Still, yearners nudge the world every day, changing views and altering society to promise more satisfying lives. 







Marco Portales is the author of: 
• "Quality Education for Latinos and Latinas: Print and Oral Skills for All Students, K-College," with his wife, C. Rita Portales 
• "Latino Sun, Rising: Our Spanish-Speaking U.S. World." 
• "A Mexican Revolution Photo History." 
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